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( 02.01.2014 )
Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 )
The Tomb of Dead or Retired Characters.
( 04.06.2013 )
Dragontales Magazine
( 24.12.2012 )
The Lost Art of Reading From Paper
( 13.12.2012 )
Recommended Reading List
( 19.06.2012 )
RuneQuest 6th Edition
( 19.06.2012 )
Cats and Writers
( 12.05.2012 )
Grunts! by Mary Gentle
( 27.04.2012 )
Orc Blog Introductionary Posting
( 21.04.2012 )

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  Creatures The creatures book in the Rune Quest Deluxe box contains statistics for many monsters, animals and intelligent beings. Even so, it is far from being the ultimate source of creatures! There is always a need for new monsters and animals to spice up a campaign. We have invented statistics for many new creatures and have split them into two main categories: Creatures created for our game world and creatures commonly known from earth myths, legends and folklore.
  Rules New rules, changes to rules, new skills, weapons etc for Rune Quest.
  Deities Gods and Godesses. A list of deities and their cults.
  Ga A living, growing campaign world. This is a realistic world, where high fantasy and magic take a backseat to the strife for power thorugh arms. A world where empires clash, lizards rule and elves are scared. A world where might is right, where a strong swordarm will take you far and talk of peace is for weeklings and cowards!
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( 02.01.2014 13:50 )
A periodic ongoing article of small random thoughts that don't fit anywhere else.
Read more | Random Eric

( 18.12.2013 13:32 )
Issue 3 of Gygax Magazine is now available for purchase.
Read more | News

( 04.06.2013 00:00 )
A special place to remember old or memorable characters who have passed from the relams of the game.
Read more | Gone But Not Forgotten | GA

( 24.12.2012 13:26 )
Dragontales Magazine
Dragontales was an apparently one off anthology of short stories published under the auspices of Dragon Magazine back in 1980. The stories therein, at the time were original and had not appeared in previous editions of Dragon Magazine.

I picked this magazine up for USD1.00 some years back, along with a job lot of Dragon Magazine back issues. One of various reasons I bought Dragon Magazine was to read the short stories therein.

Little did I realise that the magazine, in excellent condition I may add, is apparently highly collectible, according to what people are asking for it on eBay anyway. That aside, is it worthwhile reading, or has its genre based fiction aged beyond readability?

Read more | Random Eric | Writing & Publishing

( 13.12.2012 08:11 )
The premier heroic fantasy magazine in print, Black Gate - Adventures in Fantasy - has stopped printing paper magazines. Less specific has been Aurealis who have also apparently made the move.

By crom I am glad Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine still exists in print and they have not taken up the truly messed up mail cost policy their aforementioned Australian publication has enforced - thus excluding foreign buyers on a cost basis.
Read more | Random Eric

( 19.06.2012 21:06 )
Submit an article detailing what Fantasy/Sci-Fi books you can reccomend and why.
Read more | Other Interest

( 19.06.2012 20:51 )
Well maybe not the latest of news, but The Design Mechanism is now publishing RuneQuest.
Read more | News

( 12.05.2012 17:50 )
I try to read a number of short story magazines. Many of these magazines carry a brief bio of the author.
Read more | Random Eric

( 27.04.2012 21:12 )
Probably the original book depicting orcs as the main protagonists, Grunts! by Mary Gentle first saw publication in 1992. I am not one to make a habit out of re-reading books, yet this is one of the few exceptions I have made. Simply put Grunts! Is a very fun book to read!

Without giving too much away, the story starts off as pretty much standard old school high fantasy cannon. The Dark Lord is gathering his forces for the Final Battle. It is at this time that we meet band leader Ashnak of the fighting Agaku. Let us just say shortly thereafter things go pear shaped and then the story takes a sharp left and heads off into non High Fantasy territory. All in all an entertaining read that I can recommend to anyone looking for something a bit different.
Read more | The Orc Blog

( 21.04.2012 21:20 )
Why Orcs you ask?
Why not is the simple answer. I suppose lets begin at the beginning:

My first exposure to orcs was via the old Fighting Fantasy solo adventure books back in the 1980's. I was in highschool at the time and what were effectivly childrens books, due to their novel material and concept, were well accepted and played by teenagers. Well thats my excuse anyway.

Shortly thereafter I was introduced to D&D (The old Basic, Expert, Companion, Master series) where orcs were seen as cannon fodder. No problem I thought at the time. After all you were supposed to be a good guy fighting bad guys. Something that in the second half of the 1980's, in South Africa was important to point out when asked aboiut D&D. Remember at that time there was a huge hype about D&D causing people to be satanists (thanks hatfield christian church eejits, I rellay needed that kind of stigma in high school, rot in hell the lot of you) or that you were going to go psycho or commit suicide.

Anyhow, at about the same time, as I started reading fantasy (Until then I had been an almost exclusive war story, reader, but had already started branching out) and after the then standard popular cannon such as The Belgeriad (David Eddings) and of course the Hobbit (JRR Tolkein) i moved onto more popular stuff of the day.
Read more | The Orc Blog

( 27.05.2011 15:30 )
Mongoose Publishing has ceased publication of the RuneQuest title.
Read more | News

( 17.11.2010 08:50 )
Mongoose Publishings RuneQuest Empires 1st Edition.
Read more | News

( 23.09.2010 15:10 )
Read more | News

( 23.07.2010 00:00 )
Occasional campaign journal for The Swamp Rat Century and by extension, Centurion Skwibs Cavalry.
Read more | Campaign Notes

( 09.01.2010 16:24 )
Why do elves all look the same? Are they just long living pointy eared humans? This article should explain some of the mysteries around elves.

Note: For kiddies and squeamish people, some themes could be considered as requiring a mature or at least open minded audience.
Read more | Random Eric

( 09.01.2010 16:09 )
RuneQuest rules for the monster breifly described in that Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of darkness Book 1 - The Wizards and the Warriors.
Read more | Natives of Ge

( 01.08.2009 21:03 )
An overview of the world of Ga
Read more | Ga | GA

( 07.07.2009 13:07 )
Chris Gilmore is a member of the RuneQuest Rules List. After using one of the creatures I dreamed up in one of his adventures, he sent out some notes. I thought it was a really good example of Role Playing, both from the players and GM's perspective. He has kindly shared these notes here for all to read and hopefully gain inspiration from. - Tony
Read more | Worlds

( 15.06.2009 13:19 )
A brief history of The Swamp Rat Century.
Read more | Campaign Notes | GA

( 06.05.2009 15:40 )
Not your regular tasty shellfish this.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

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