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Natives of Ge

Top level Creatures Natives of Ge
( 09.01.2010 16:24 )
Why do elves all look the same? Are they just long living pointy eared humans? This article should explain some of the mysteries around elves.

Note: For kiddies and squeamish people, some themes could be considered as requiring a mature or at least open minded audience.
Read more | Random Eric

( 09.01.2010 16:09 )
RuneQuest rules for the monster breifly described in that Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of darkness Book 1 - The Wizards and the Warriors.
Read more | Natives of Ge

( 07.07.2009 13:07 )
Chris Gilmore is a member of the RuneQuest Rules List. After using one of the creatures I dreamed up in one of his adventures, he sent out some notes. I thought it was a really good example of Role Playing, both from the players and GM's perspective. He has kindly shared these notes here for all to read and hopefully gain inspiration from. - Tony
Read more | Worlds

( 06.05.2009 15:40 )
Not your regular tasty shellfish this.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

( 06.10.2006 08:28 )
Orcs have been defined in nearly every fantasy setting in one way or another. This is the runeQuest.za.org take on orcs.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

( 08.08.2006 13:02 )
A cave dwelling elven subspecies. Encountered on many worlds, these malignant creatures have dwelt on Ga for along time.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

( 27.11.2002 15:44 )
They are called White Eye from the very light colour of their irises and most adventurers will run like hell when faced with even one.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

( 29.08.2002 15:56 )
A violent race of canines whose sole existance is to wage bloody war.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

( 06.08.2002 13:29 )
Common to many worlds lizard men (also knows and Giss) are the founders of a great empire in Ga.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

( 06.08.2002 12:56 )
This reptile was inspired by an old Viking Forge / Tabletop Fantasy / Asgard miniature called "Land Dragon with Lizard Man Rider".
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

( 26.07.2002 12:02 )
Inspired by the Land Dragon, the Wazzat Lizards from Snarf Quest by larry Elmore and a characters need for a decent dog/pack animal suitable for travelling through the hot deserts of Northern Araktor.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

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