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Campaign Journal XIV June MMIII

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Notes from Tony's campaig.

After ribbing Quazi for his airsickness, Ethnea Iron Guts disembarked from the basket, followed by the rest of the party. They found themselves on a barren rock ledge. The cries of sea birds seemed and thundering of surf reminded them that the sea was nearby. The sun was coming up and, along with a fresh breeze, the thick mist began to gradually dissipate.

Shapes began to appear through the mist. Soon enough they were recognised as pillars, set slightly away from the ledge, yet following its curve. A ways in, the cliff face curved in the opposite direction, to for a natural amphitheatre. They headed towards the pillars and stepped between them. The other side was paved with ancient dust covered flagstones. The wind seemed softer here, the cries of seagulls and crash of surf somewhat muted. Some thirty metres up the slope, Quazi (who was in front) beheld an altar and began to move towards it.

He had scarce moved ten metres when something dropped from the sky, to land in front of the altar. He barley had time to notice its vaguely female body, bat wings and hideous face, topped with hair of writhing serpents before its gaze fell on him and he felt his limbs freezing. Within seconds his skin greyed as his flesh was transformed to cold stone. The others, who had followed Quazi, were too close to run. Chilled by the horror before them, Ethnea and Honsu were also turned to stone.

Realising that the remainder of the group had little time, they jumped into action. Rochavel, Horsa and Peat charged, while Amis, dismissing any spells she knew as ineffective, reached for her self-bow. The fight was short, but deadly. Horsa and Peat were also turned into statues, while Rochavel's blade was unable to inflict much damage. It was up to Amis to save the day, which she did by sending an arrow straight through the horrors left knee, before firing off a damage boosting spell on Rochavel's blade. Finding beasts deadly gaze averted for a critical few seconds as it fell to the ground, Rochavel was able to plunge his sorcerously enhanced sword into its flesh, ending its miserable life and saving himself and Amis from the fate which had doomed the rest of the party.

Unbeknownst to them, Honsu's spirit has escaped his flesh, but was severely weakened and left quite vulnerable on the spirit plane. Quazi's magical blade, which he had obtained on the very same isle, had somehow been forced into the paving when he was turned to stone. While the point was not too deep, it was well stuck, almost bonded to the stone. Rather than leave it in plain sigh, Amis fetched clay from a nearby streambed and covered it, sculpting the covering to resemble a boulder.

Unable to help their stone companions, the two survivors rifled their belongings and hid certain valuables, planning to return later. They found a way off the ledge and descended to the forest below. Rochavel was stunned by the growth. In a previous visit to the isle, it had been barren, dead. Now a valley he had not known existed sported a forest of ancient trees, between which small antelope and other animals could be glimpsed.

Fortunately they remained wary, and managed to avoid a nest of giant hornets. Buy the end of the day, they had traversed the valley and had found a postern to the castle. Rather than attempt to enter at night, they set up camp. A fire was lit to push back the night chill while Amis and Rochavel relaxed and discussed the days events. While they talked, another joined them. At first unnoticed, chills ran down their spines when they realised they were no longer alone. Across the fire, they beheld a woman. Pale of complexion and almost totally enveloped in a black cloak and dress, she stared at them intently before speaking: "Welcome to my island. It has been a long time Rochavel, and you Amis, though we have never met, I feel I know you like a sister. @

The two adventurers took a while to overcome their surprise. Eventually, Rochavel managed to whisper: "Jasmine?" *

“Yes Rochavel, it is me, Jasmine,” replied the woman. Rochavel was stunned. He had not seen his old friend in ten years, yet she did not look as if she had aged a day. Some conversation and introductions followed, resulting in the two adventurers nervously agreeing to enter the castle.

The air of malevolence around the castle was not as strong as what Rochavel remembered, yet both of them still felt a somewhat unsettling presence about the building. Jasmine led them to a room, well lit by torches and a large brazier, which took up the centre of the room. The room was warm, yet sparsely furnished with three couches and a table arranged about the brazier.

Jasmine clapped her hands and an odd procession of skeletons entered, carrying food and wine. Rochavel for once was none too shocked at this, having encountered skeletal servitors within the very same walls before. Amis, although at first frightened, soon succumbed to her superior knowledge of the arcane, knowing the skeletons are in fact magical constructs. Still, they were somewhat macabre.

Over the night, Jasmine spun her tale: She had lived within the walls for the last eleven years. Se had come at first in the search of knowledge to dispel a curse that had been laid upon her, and had returned when the Red Bitches army had arisen and surged north, engulfing Gaia in war. Powerful was the red Bitch, and rather than be coerced into joining forces with the evil one, Jasmine had returned, knowing that she would find sanctuary on the Misty Isle. Months had turned to years and before she knew it she was unable, nay unwilling, to leave the dread place.

Yet she had found a wealth of knowledge, and at last, a way to break the terrible curse laid upon her. Thus it was her who had convinced Tiberius, in dreams, to seek the ancient ruins and find the metal tome. Yet hearing of the story of all who had come to the isle, she was also awed at the scope of her quest. Powers far greater than her sorcerous whiles were at play. Rochavel and Amis were still sceptical, the could sense a great darkness within Jasmine. In desperation Jasmine fell to her knees and begged Amis, as a sister, to help. Amis looked with Jasmines eyes, felt her very soul bared and saw the darkness, and the hope and desperation within the sorceress and agreed to help, but only if Jasmine could free her friends from the horrors’ dread spell.

Jasmine had done research and the following day was able, with Rochavel and Amis’ help, to free three of the five petrified companions. Unfortunately, Quazi and Peat were left, a monument to remember the terrible price that was paid in the ancient temple. Amis vowed to return and free them.


Meanwhile, in Dalatia:

Fand had sensed her sister to be in terrible danger. In prayer to the Moon and Earth goddess, the appeared to her and said her work at Daemon Down was done, instructing her to seek out her sister. To that end, she was to travel to Dussel, but to ride, not to take ship across the Mirsea.

Now a number of dead knights’ warhorses had stayed with Fand at Daemon Down. Some had arrived after everyone had parted, and a few would not go along with Tiberius et al. Thus it was that Fand abandoned her hut, and set forth to Dussel, followed by some seven war horses. They made haste, taking roads and passing through villages. Word spread before her and ere long, she was known as the horse woman. She was able to form a strong bond with one horse, and to that end, sell her pony, whom, although she loved it, could not keep pace with its giant cousins.

Now her arrival at Dussel was preceded by rumour of the horse woman, and fortunate for her, she was met by the stable keeper who had the party’s horses before she entered the town. Things had turned for the worse in the town. The Knights of Osria were present in force, seeking to arrest the party for their dealings with Tiberius and the Knights of Draldeath.

The Knights of Osria were not always welcome, especially so far from their home base in Dalatia. The party had been kind and generous to the stable keeper and in turn, he had sought the horse woman, suspecting that she was associated with them. Where else would someone obtain a brace of noble chargers. Fand was appraised of the situation and rather than enter the town, took her horses to a friend of the stable keeper, who stayed a league from town. She returned on foot and took charge of the parties horses and possessions, returning again to the friend, and the knights none the wiser.

The farmer where she stayed did not ask a fee, having noble stallions cover his mares was sufficient payment. Fand was still working out a way that she could get to the island when word came of a ghostly craft, in a cove not far away.


Jasmine had been busy in her years of exile. She had fashioned a weird vessel from the bones of a long dead sea creature. Although it was transparent (bar the bones), it was dry inside and a demonstration was sufficient to convince the dubious survivors to alight. It travelled swiftly beneath the waves, giving the party a glimpse in to a fantastical world of sea creatures and all to real monstrosities that dwelt in the black depths. ‘Twas not long before the skeletal craft brought them to a cove. Jasmine would not take her craft to Dussel as it would undoubtedly cause a panic and draw unwanted attention.

The party struggled to the beach and started working their way inshore, while Jasmine gave arcane instructions to her creation and it disappeared beneath the waves. They had not travelled far when they were met by none other than Fand, atop a massive brown war horse. She took them back to the farm where they caught up on each other adventures.

Some days later, word came that the main body of Knights had left Dussel. The Party needed to enter the town, to sell and buy gear and, in the case of Horsa, to find the ancient sword which matched the armour he had acquired on the high moor. Quazi, being a devious kind of underhand rapscallion, had hidden it.

There was further sale of horses, ponies etc as certain party members took charge of Quazi’s and other war horses, after which the adventurers set forth to the nearest tavern to be parted with their profits. They were busy getting drunk when three knights who had remained entered and tried to arrest them. It was too much for the town and a brawl developed, quickly getting out of hand as the remaining garrison of knights arrived to help.

It should eb noted that somewhere between trading and brawling, Horsa managed to find someone who had information regarding where Quazi hid the ancient sword. The old man in question was an information merchant and for a modest fee (he thought this piece of information was relativly wrothless), he advised Horsa where ther sword could be found.

Much clobbering occurred, at the end of which the party fled, heading north on Jasmines instruction. A lone knight gave chase, but was seen and waylaid by the party. He was clever enough not to enter battle when steel was drawn and submitted to become their prisoner. His name was Eliam.

@ Jasmine (Sometimes called Yasmeen).

A powerful sorceress, she was once a compatriot of Tiberius, Dogmoore, Quazi and Rochavel. On a quest to the Wica-Waka wetlands, she took charge of a mysterious jewel, the twin of which was sought by the orc, Ghor-Uk, who had hired them to find the jewel. She had kept the jewel and gradually become distant, eventually parting company and for all intents and purposes, disappearing.

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