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The Red Bitch's Invasion - aka the Chaos War.

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A tale of the war which devistated much of Gaia some fourteen years ago.

Roughly two decades ago, a sorceress of great power appeared in the deep south of the Gaian continent. Although no one knows for sure where she originally came from, it appears that she was first sighted in the Wika Waka Wetlands. Her reputation as a merciless foe, with an unnatural ability to control all manner of beasts and chaos spawn, spread quickly and within the year of her appearance, whisperings of The Red Bitch could be heard throughout the south.

Two years after her appearance tidings of her cruelty and bloodlust had crossed the Great Southern Peaks and were spreading in the north. Many thought them to be nothing but un-based rumours, while others began, quite rightly, to panic. Refugees from the south began to flow into Slavinia and Dracor. Human and Orc, Troll and beast, fled before her wrath. Those who did not die in battle or escape were coerced into her expanding army.

Dracor, Aquitiana, ad Slavinia fell before the hoard, which then split its forces to attack Dalatia and Sylmar at the same time. This was a fatal gamble for the Red Bitch. Distracted by her attack on Sylmar, she was unable to guide her second army which attacked Dalatia. The kingdom of Dalatia prevailed, but the cost was terrible. Towns and in cases whole cities, were levelled, the great kingdoms strength near broken.

The main focus of her attack was on Sylmar. Fortunately for the city states of Sylmar, a great hero emerged to lead their combined armies, a foreigner named Tiberius. Unhindered by the prejudices of the city states, he enlisted the help of allies they would not have dared approach. As the combined armies of the city-states gathered at Tau, a great force of orcs from the Northice Mountains descended into Sylmar. Many thought the orcs would join with the Red Bitch, but this was not to be. By calling up a previous favour owed, Tiberius had convinced the great generalissimo of the Northice orcs, Gor-Uk, to assist in the defence of Sylmar.

A great battle was fought at Tau and the host of the Red Bitch destroyed. The defenders experienced great losses as well, but Sylmar was saved. Tiberius disappeared in the final battle, some said he fled, others that he was spirited away by powerful Red Bitch magic.

The final battle at Tau occurred fourteen years ago. Since then there has been much debate amongst scholars as to the nature of the Red bitch, and even that of the war. Two schools of thought are predominant. One claims that it was a chaos war and the Red Bitch (sometimes referred to as Red Toniya) was some sort of chaos goddess. The second school maintains that the nature of chaos would negate any attempts to form an army of chaos beasts. Thus it was not a chaos war (which is a popular buzzword of the other school) buy merely a very powerful sorceress using dark magics for her own gain.
It is rumoured that the semi famous and well travelled scribe Orphius, may be compiling an essay on his investigations into the nature of the Red Bitch.

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