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II January MMXIV - Judges Guild Fantasy Cartographer:This is what happens when you see something, thing it looks great, don't do your homework and go and waste money buying it on eBay. All I can say is what a waste of time, effort, money and I suppose paper that this was ever published in the first place.

Fantasy Cartographer's Field Book

This is effectivly just a excercise book of mixed graph note and hex sheets. Yes there are a few small suggested usages and an intro and for its time it looks nice enough, but really, unless you are a hard core collector, steer clear fo this.

In their defence, I suppose for the period this was published, where internet and various resources weren't easily available, it may have made sence to publish this. Then again, I am pretty sure books of graph paper were available in the 1970's. Hex paper, well maybe a bit harder to get but photocopiers and roneo machines were already invented. Also a pencil and ruler and graph paper can also be used to produce hexes.

I bought this expecting a nice guide on how to map terrain etc old school style, now I just have a monument to my own stupidity.

Anyone want an original Judges Guild - The Fantasy Cartographers Field Book in very good condition? Going cheap.

MMXII - Moving to Mordor
My brother in law recently emigrated to New Zealand. Whats interesting is he is a very talented gold smith and will be working with the person who made the rings for The Lord of the Rings movies.

So in other words he has made his way east (to Mordor) to work for the creator of the rings (Sauron).

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