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Campaign Journal - XXVIII May MMII

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Notes from Willo's campaign.

An entertaining session was held on V May MMII. We arrived at Graham and Adri's place only to find a new player was going to be joining in - Carol's sister Barbra. As it would happen, Willo left the rules at Grahams place after the last session, so a quick role up was on the cards. lucky I recently had the opportunity to refresh my character creation skills, so this was a pleasant and quick task - or so it seamed until impatient players started begging us to hurry up.

Taking up from where we left off, the party decided to continue east through the mountains. Our meandering path had led us deeper into the woodland and oddly enough, the mountains which had been impossible to traverse further west now allowed us easy passage. Coming across a frontier logging village, we settled down, met some new characters and did some trading. The orc was swindled in a game of dice and one of the entertainers (yes we now have two barbarian entertainers in the party) managed to fumble big time and flash the audience. they got good tips for that!

After a bit of R&R we sloped off again and soon came across another black stelae. Previously the party had followed a route marked out by these huge black rune inscribed stelae, but after an encounter with some serious undead following the same route, we shied away. But the fact of their existence had not gone unnoticed and unbeknownst to the rest of us, Fagan Abrash had been doing some serious thinking and had come up with a theory that they led to a chaos portal. Now usually that would have us looking for passage on the first ship to a new continent, but this time some sort of group INT drain must have occurred, because we decided to follow the route again and find its terminus

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