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Wergild Worries

Top level Adventures

Wergild Worries is a hack and slash adventure based on the Island of Valrones, west of Gaia. It should be easy enough to retrofit with most campaigns.

This fast and nasty is in MS Word format. This is the first "module" I have ever written so please, I will really appreciate any feedback. The module is self contained but ownership of the Monster Coliseum would be an added bonus.

Wergild Worries is a Hack and Slash. If you are looking for a fast action adventure with lost of combat - download now. If you are looking for a high magic adventure with happy elves and weird Glorantha creatures, go look somewhere else.

PDF version added XX September MMIV. The tool used does not allow all the nice fonts etc to come through but then again, the adventure is there and thats what is important.

Attached files

Wergild Worries.doc
A fast and nasty hack and slash adventure. Easy to fit into most campains.
Wergild Worries.zip
Weregild Worries (MS Word doc & PDF) zipped for download. Also contains the fonts used in the doc.
Wergild Worries.pdf
PDF version of the Wergild Worries adventure.


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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

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