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Updated Cast of Characters - Tony's Campaign

Top level Ga Campaign Notes

Time has passed and Tony is in the GM's seat again. Some existing characters are being played, some new ones have made appearances.

The following characters and players are partaking in Tony's campaign:

Character Name & Race Status Player Name
Game Master - He who reckons. Having successfully railroaded characters into joining the legion, now attempting to forter good inter character roleplaying. Tony
Amis - Human Returned from the realm of Titans to find herself in the Northlands. Currently travelling south-west in search of civilisations. Decided to return to her homeland of Draskor to further her studies in the dark arts. Carol
Ethnea - Human Barbarian shield maiden from Valornes. returned from the land of Titans with Amis, accomapanieng her south while searching for her sister - Fand. Talked into joining the Gissian Foreign Legion. Barbra
Skwib - Human Primitive hunter from somewhere in the Great Southern Peaks. More recently a slave after suffering capture while on an extended hunting trip. Talked into joining the Gissian Foreign Legion. Garyth
Nicalodeon - Human Civilised punter from the distant city of Corin. Tends to hide his shady past. Also joined the Gissian Foreign Legion, although may be regretting that decision. Willo
Bilge Rat - Human Nomadic hunter from a distant land. After spending some time with priates in the Aloian Sea, he found a home amongst the nomadic horsemen of Corida. Recently joinged the Gissian foreign Legion. Emil
Alway Srite - Human Civilised mercinary of vague background. Hired sword to the Gissian Foreign Legion at Lutetia. Carol
Turf - Orc Nar Haaz crafter/raider from the Northice mountains. Has wandered for years selling his sword. After ariving on the coast of Araktor and travelling within the empire for some time, sold sword to the Legion (as a mercinary, not a regular legionairre). Garett


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Supergirl za 07.03.2006 11:03
Good to see that He Who Recons can remember all characters!

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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

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