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The Tomb of Dead or Retired Characters.

Top level Ga Personalities Gone But Not Forgotten

A special place to remember old or memorable characters who have passed from the relams of the game.

Use the form below to submit details of your deceased or retired character. Please try and keep their history short oting only their great deeds or quotes that they will be remembered for (if any). Use the status box to denote what their last known status was. E.G. Dead or High Priestess of Tara etc.

Submit Character Details

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Current Occupation:


Brief History:

Name: Ay-Mi-Feelinit
Race: Brown Elf
Culture: Aldrya/Humakt
Current Occupation: Head of Dorastor Vengeance Faction
Status: Retired to cleanse Dorastor
Brief History: Ay-Mi-Feelinit was witness to the slaughter of his peoples many years ago in their
grove of Dorastor forest.
Shaken and unsure of his faith in Aldrya(How could she let this happen!?), he
travelled South and found himself in Sartar, first in Jonstown, then Whitewall. He
joined any groups fighting Lunars/Chaos and eventually served King Bryon himself,
retrieving the "Stones of Yuthuppa" before forming the Dorastor Vengeance Faction of
Death worshipping Elves, men and Centaurs and heading "home" to battle chaos in all
its forms.

Name: Bowzer
Race: Human
Culture: Primitive
Current Occupation: Fisherman
Status: Deceased
Brief History: A primitive fisherman who followed some characters inland thinking they were going
to barter for his fish. They entered a series of caves which had been elaborated on
by the hand of man. Coming to a door, Bowser proudly pushed it open to show he knew
how these odd devices worked. He was greatly surprised to be cloven in half by a
pendulum blade.

Name: Bork! The Boar Slayer
Race: Human
Culture: Viking
Current Occupation: Hunter
Status: Deceased
Brief History:
Effectively, Bork! was just a sort of not-too-civilised Hunter style guy who decided to leave his family trade, and the area he grew up in, and get out into the real, outside world, to find some more 'interesting' things to get involved in, etc., and he met up with Squibb, etc. at the one port - can't remember the name off-hand, but, was sort of on the edge of civilisation, etc., and shortly after that was where he picked up the second half of his name, - the Boar Slayer - after he scored/carried out a sort of critical hit on a giant boar just after it had tried to take out Squibb, and him, using a long spear, etc., and he then eventually moved up to being the Wolves standard bearer, after a few more bits of adventure, etc.

Now the one extra thing he seemed to end up was sort of adopting strays, in the form of both the wolf itself that seemed to be hanging around for a little while, as well as Broar, the neanderthal guy, who also happens to be quite good at taking out giant boars, and who Bork! was trying to persuade to make use of some more standard/advanced types of weapons, equipment, etc., as well as sometimes trying to help him out a little bit with being a bit more of an active participant in the sort of group activities - not too much though, since Broar is still specifically good at certain natural types of things, like tracking, etc. as well, but anyway.

Either way, Bork seemed to fit in well, and was definitely a wolf by choice, etc., but, unfortunately, he's now (literally) turned to stone, and so won't really be able to keep up with/remain part of the activities himself, so he's sort of 'retired', but, he does appreciate the fact that the wolves etc. removed the stone statue version out of the spot where the gorgon had been, after they took her out, and moved him outside, etc., since that's a lot closer to his sort of natural environment of choice - he grew up living outside in the natural world.

Anyway, you guys can remember him, and every now and then, have a flagon of good ale, and have another one on Bork!'s behalf...:)


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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

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