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Attract Missiles

Top level Rules Magic Sorcery

This spell is detailed in Sandy Petersenís The Big Hit adventure published in Heroes Magazine Vol 1 No 8. Republished here as a service to questers who do not have access to the magazine in question.

Attract Missiles
Ranged, passive, temporal
If the caster overcomes the targetís magic points, this spell causes the next missile aimed at the target, or anyone touching the target, to strike the target. An individual standing between the target and a missile-user may be struck by happenstance. Even a missile that would normally miss will strike the target. Fumbles are determined normally.

Each additional point of Intensity increases the number of missiles drawn to the target by 1. Thus, if a target were hit by an Intensity 7 Attract Missiles spell, the next 7 missiles fired at him, or anyone touching him, will strike him. The spell has no effect on melee weapons.


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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
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