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The new version of RuneQuest is available.

The new version of RuneQuest has been published. The basic rules plus a few suppliments are/will be shortly available. From what I have heard there is also at least one other company producing scenarios under the open gaming licence.

For people interested in publishing gear using the new RQ rules, a SRD (can't remember what it stands for) is available for download at Mongoose.

I have not yet had the finance to purchace the new version. From the RQ Rules List I can say that there are mixed feelings - then again some people on the list are still winging about RQ III by Avalon Hill. I suppose only time will tell if it is a success or not.

What will the new RQ be called. Well technically it is RQIV, BUT.....
A RQIV version was once created and never published by Avalon Hill et al. Plus there was RQ Slayers, also never officially published. It seems that people have started referring to the New RQ as MRQ (Mongoose RuneQuest). Maybe the acronym will stick.

Comments regarding the new RQ are welcome and encouraged. Don't be shy, share your findings and feelings.


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