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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out

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Issue 3 of Gygax Magazine is now available for purchase.

I love the old school look and feel. One can easily think you are reading a 80's era Dragon Magazine. Special interest for RuneQuesters is that I have been working with them and some other RuneQuest experts on an article about the history of RuneQuest.

While the article has not found publication in the print magazine, it has been earmarked for the magazines forthcoming blog. Worse case scenario, if the blog fails to materialise or they use their discretion to decline publication, the article will be able to find a home here at

I am working on another article for Gygax Magazine, although its going a bit slow at this stage. Better news is apparently Lawrence Whitaker and Peter Nash at The Design Mechanism have also been in touch so we may look forward to some high quality RuneQuest content in the magazine down the line.

Head over to the publisers, TSR to see what they have to offer. A small hint: If you wish to save some cash, Noble Knight Games has a small discount on the magazine and also offer a wider selection of international postage options for us punters who don't reside in the states.

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