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Campaign Journal - XII October MMII

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Notes from Willo's campaign.

The party is still in the chaos castle. After certain party members got seriously injured at the end of the previous session, the sun god intervened, totally healing (as in even removing scars) the bodies of his new-found initiates. This intervention was met with a mixed response.

Fagan Abrash, whose arm had been mutilated to the point of requiring amputation, was ecstatic with the healing, proceeding to spout utterances on the greatness of the sun god to all present. Urgad and Gorim were less impressed, yes, they had some minor wounds healed, but their scars also disappeared. How could they face the people at home! In their opinion, the sun god geas had become a curse and they resolved to have it removed and visit the temples of their own gods as soon as the adventure was over.

Although also healed, Cirdan was not feeling up to adventuring further. He, Orfius the scribe and Gnosh the trollkin decided to return to where the horses had been left.

The rest of the party continued to search around the chaos temple, attempting to find a way past the sorceress doorway, which had come so close to extracting the life of Fagan and Cirdan. After experimenting with various vermin, including a dead broo, they gave up. Before continuing, strange things began to happen. A diamond appeared to grow out of the orcs forehead. He swiped it off and cast it aside, clearly sorcery at play. Barrels of beer appeared at a doorway and Defy was struck blind (temporarily), possibly for staring when Fagan exposed herself in a religious fervour. The party decided to beat a hasty exit, before the sorcery turned nasty.

A wondrous study with an adjacent well stocked library was found, but was of little interest as the now absent Orfius the scribe was the only party member who could read. We pottered around, a bit, pilfering some oil lamps before heading back to the temple (after remembering that we hadn't opened one door).

The door in question lead into a storeroom, containing furniture, candles, some bezanted helmets and other temple paraphernalia. Some of us found helmets that fit and pilfered candles for future use in the dark. Before we left, more barrels of beer appeared, accompanied by what appeared to be a ghostly marching band. We were unable to interact with band members, but their music was real. We once again made a quick departure.

In a brainwave, Fagan Abrash remembered she had a detect chaos spell upon her person. A successful cast allowed her to judge where the strongest feeling of chaos was emanating from, likely the chaos gate. We quickly headed in that direction.

A broo was encountered and dealt with, although only after seriously wounding Chrys. Another bigger, burlier, better armoured broo saw us slaying his comrade and gave chase. Seeing a stairway ahead, we headed for it (to make use of the 10% advantage for attacking from above). Unfortunately, Defy, whose sight had recently come back, decided to try and make a heroic yet foolish stand and was soon lying in a growing pool of blood.

The second broo proved to be a formidable foe. Valentia received a halberd blade through her abdomen and only some deft parrying stopped Urgad from receiving a potentially fatal head butt. Accompanied by healing magic, he proved to be near impossible to kill, until Urgad the brave gave us on trying to do any damage with his fighting claws and grappled him. Getting the broo in a headlock proved to be the opening the party had been waiting for. Zarah lunged, severing a leg, which on top of damage done by Gorim and Fagan, proved fatal.

We left the dead broo and began tending to our wounded.


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