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Campaign Journal - VII September MMII

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Notes from Willo's campaign

After some discussion about whether or not publishing campaign noted from within the chaos castle (See the end part of the previous log), I have decided to continue publishing notes, but without giving up too much information to spoil the castle for other players.

We explored most of the castles ground floor. Some rooms appeared to be in good order, while others looked as if battles had taken place. The evidence that dwarves built the castle was plain and similarly, the evidence that chaos had taken it over. In many cases, dwarven statues had been replaced with those of chaos beings and deities.

After some exploring, we came across a war room, containing inter alia a SIZ 18 suit of oriental looking plate armour, which just happened to fit Gorim.

Further wanderings brought us across a mess hall where we interacted with some human mercenaries who appeared to be on strike. We found a stairway and ascended and soon thereafter encountered a really big broo.

Gorim, who also quite a hulking chap, took the broo on single handed and after a fierce battle, slew him. Had he not had the recently acquired plate armour on, the result of this battle would have been very different.

Just around the corner from where the battle took place, we discovered a wrecked temple. Some searching allowed us to find a secret door, the opening thereof showed us a room filled with treasure. Cirdan rushed to enter and was rewarded by having the leg that entered the room first explode in a shower of blood and bone. His screams of agony fell on Fagan's ears and without thinking, grabbed him and was rewarded by having her arm explode in a similar manner.

We dragged them from the doorway, taking care not to get too near the actual entrance.


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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
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