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Campaign Journal - II November MMII

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Notes from Willo's campaign

The party was looking much the worse for wear after the encounter with the Broos. We dragged the fast expiring Defy out of his pool of blood and patched him us as best we could before attending to all the lesser wounded. A break was called for and seeing as all was quiet on the staircase, we broke out some supplies and had a good rest.

This was fortunate as Gnosh the Trollkin and Calan had decided not to leave and were trying to find us, which they did.

Picking our weary bodies up, we continued on our way. Soon enough we entered a grand hall, lined with lavish tapestries depicting scenes from history. Urgad the orc was strangely the person to recognise various scenes and explain them to the rest of the party. However not all tapestries depicted long ago events, some were of recent events and one even hinted at the future. These last tapestries all referred to Tiberius the Great, also known as Tiberius the Coward or Tiberius the Mad by some.


Tiberius is a powerful personality who rallied the alliance of the north to stand fast against the chaos hoards when they struck. Many agree that without him, the whole of Gaia would have fallen to Red Tania, the chaos beast. His alliance held strong and broke the back of the chaos armies, but in the final battle, he disappeared. many thought him dead, until he reappeared ten years later, not looking a day older than when he disappeared.


Further searching uncovered a secret door, which the party entered, only to find themselves in for a trip over traps session. They were forced to make their way through room after room of deadly traps. On a few occasions, some of the bolder characters came close to death, with only some deft rope work saving Gorim from plummeting into a bottomless pit.

It was all for naught though as the traps became more difficult and before reaching the end of the gauntlet, Gorim had asphyxiated on poison gas and Valentia had been crushed under a stone slab.

The party found themselves in a subterranean cavern where a powerful chaos presence emanated from a pit in the centre. Many were struck dumb with terror, but Fagan Abrash finally worked over her fear and recalled the magic stones given to many party members by the old mad in the hut. These stones were thrown into the pit causing the hideous creature writhing in to fade away.

We began to rejoice, thinking that we had closed the chaos gate. That was until Fagan cast another sense chaos spell and we discovered it was a mere diversion, an incredible chaos presence was emanating from a small cave on the other side of the pit.

Once again we forged forward, dreading what we may encounter and were really surprised to find a gazebo style shrine with a small fountain. The water coming from the fountain was pure chaos and we decided to block it up. Unfortunately, the chaos was very strong and failed resistance checks on POW caused certain party members (Gnosh, Zarah, Calan and Chrys) to turn, sprouting wings, tails, additional arms and the like and attacking the members who had resisted. A short battle followed, with Defy whose arm was still broken slinking around the edge casting stones with his sling. Fagan took the brunt of the attack as she was trying to block the fountain while Urgad the orc managed to go the whole battle without one successful attack, parry or dodge.

Fortunately Chrys was able to overcome the chaos and come to assist and one by one, the other chaos infected party members also overcame their taint. This was the result of the fountain being stopped. Yet still the chaos radiated and we decided to destroy the whole temple, after which an excommunication ritual was performed to sever the link that the chaos goddess had with Gaia.

More first aiding was done and a battered and weary party withdrew, once again facing the gauntlet of traps. Some sticky fingered vultures among the party tried to rifle through the dead Gorim's possession, but his trusty friend Urgad put a stop to that.

Eventually exciting the castle, the party found the world outside much changed. the horses were gone, either wandered off or the ones that had been hobbled were skeletons. The cart and chariot had not stood the ravages of time and the swamp in which the castle had stood was now a lush forest. Some twenty years had passed while the party was inside! The world had moved on, ever changing, yet the party members had aged but a few days.

Slowly, they began to walk west, towards Lutia and civilisation.

Willo's campaign ends here for a while. Tony will run the next big adventure. As many of the players take turns at being GM, it had been decided to have campaign specific characters. a database of which character is in whose campaign will be constructed in due course.


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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
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