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Campaign Journal XIX July MMIII

Top level Ga Campaign Notes

Notes from Tony's campaign.

After making a hasty getaway from Dussel, the group headed northeast along the coastal road to Oglu. It was not long ere they realised they were being followed - by what appeared to be a large mounted band. Surmising that the followers were the Knights of Osria, the pressed on, riding hard for the next town. It was most fortunate that eagle eyes Jasmine noticed a hawk pass above them. Well out of bow range, it was heading towards Oglu with unnatural haste. Realising that the hawk was likely carrying a message to the knights garrisoned in Oglu, the party decided to leave the road and head directly north.

Ethnea performed some cunning work with an illusionary sight spell, augmented by some magic points in a matrix, which Jasmine was able to supply, which made it appear as if the party was still on the road. Crossing the flat country north, they also endeavoured to loose their train in the profusion of streams and small rivers that they came across. The pursuit disappeared and the pace was relaxed. People had time to consider their predicament.

A. They were heading north to Port Greycliffs, as per Jasmines instructions.
B. They had a knight as prisoner.

As for the first question, jasmine was not too sure what to do. She knew they had to head north but was still trying to unlock the secrets of the ancient metal tome. The party decided to head to Port Greycliffs via the Sylmarian Woodlands. But first they would have to cross the wide River Tiana. While searching for the river ferry, they argued about the knight's fate. Some would have him gutted, others would turn him loose. Elaim was finally allowed to partake in the negotiations of his fate. He managed to convince the party that he would accompany them on their quest, having heard snatches of conversation, which led him to believe that their intentions were noble. They agreed with his request and then also surprisingly agreed to let him go, that he may speak with the senior knight at the chapter house in Sylmar Seaport.

Sylmar and Aquatiana

'Taws not without taking certain steps that they let Elaim go however. He was stripped of armour and belongings. With only his sword, some common clothing and sufficient money to pay his way, he was allowed to board a fast riverboat heading downstream. The party stayed over night at the ferry stop and crossed the River Tiana the next day. Soon after crossing they fell sick from food poisoning. Apparently the oneesha porridge they had eaten at the ferry house had been none too fresh.

The autumn drizzle, which had dogged the party since entering the flatlands, did not abate. As they approached the woodlands, it got worse. Winter was fast approaching. Much money changed hands at various villages to purchase furs and oilskins in an attempt to stay warm and dry while travelling.

On reaching the woodlands, they quickly found a trail leading deeper into the ancient forest. The forest was vast and a few days travel had them nearing its heart. Though the forest was mostly deciduous and winter approached, it was warm and dank under the tress. Autumn leaves covered that path, yet many more still clung to the trees. The wan light that did get through was sufficient to guide the party on their way. It was while travelling the leaf-strewn path towards the shrine of lady Galandriel, which was rumoured to reside at the very centre of the forest, that the party was ambushed.

Arrows flew from amongst the tree branches, panicking horses and mildly wounding a few party members. Only Rochavel was able to stay mounted. Fand, Ethnea, Honsu and Horsa quickly formed a fighting wedge, locking their round shields. Amis cast a fly spell and soared into the trees, where she drew her bow and prepared to return fire. Jasmine changed herself to a very vulture looking eagle. The battle quickly escalated. Some elves dropped down and menaced the party with spears and short swords. Rochavel performed some charges, trampling some to death. Honsu dropped from a near fatal head wound and Jasmine tore from between the trees, gutting elves with her steely talons.

More elves joined the fray. One, a shaman, cast fireblade spells, which threatened to do serious damage to the party. Some ingenious fighting won the day however. Amis dropped on an elf, breaking hi neck. Fand fought well and Rochavel slew left and right.

The battle over, the party caught their horses and continued on. Eventually they came to a clearing where they were confronted by none other than the lady Galandriel and a host of her elves. They carried the bodies of their fallen. Severed limbs had been reattached where possible. Where not (due to some macabre trophy hunting by certain party members) heads etc had been fashioned from twigs and leaves. Galandriel was distraught. Saying how the party had invaded her domain, a place of peace where all should have been welcome. They too would have been, had they not molested her ambassador. (See May MMIII Campaign Journal). She bade them leave immediately and never return. Waving her arm, she opened a path to the outside world. The party heeded her request and took the path. Although they were many days inside the forest, only one day's travel had them leaving its shady borders.

In the meantime, Elaim had visited his superior at Sylmar Seaport and gained his blessing. Riding hard to catch the party at the shrine of lady Galandriel (a pre agreed meeting place), he too found himself confronted by lady Galandriel once he reached the shrine. Although she had no quarrel with him. She bade him leave and find his friends, claiming they needed him in their quest. She made mention that had their quest not been of such importance, she would have had them slain. Opening another mystical road to the forest edge, She bade him leave. He did so and soon found the party, camped near the forests edge.

Te weather grew worse and by the time they approached Greycliffs, it had started to snow. Smoke alerted them that something was wrong when they were still a few leagues from the port. The soon began to come across burned out villages, animal carcasses and dead orcs. Eventually coming across the main battle scene, they were greeted with the stench of scorched flesh. A few human corpses could be found here and there, but it was mostly orcs that were dead. A few mounds hand been made by piling corpses high and torching them.

Now Sylmar had developed a reasonably harmonious peace between orc and human, ever since the Red bitch invaded from the south some 14 years before and the great Generalissimo Gor-Uk had brought his army forth from the Northice Mountains to fight beside the humans of Sylmar. Yet here were signs of a terrible battle. The dead littered the ground, many hundreds had been slain. Further investigation however revealed that it appeared that two orc armies had battled each other. It was unseasonable for them to come down from their mountains. More strange was that the party surprised some cave trolls, who were feeding on the dead. Something very strange must have happened to make the trolls, who are notoriously territorial, come down to the steppe. The corpses scattered on the ground had been looted, but many who had been piled into cairns had not. Most of the party rifled between the dead orcs and came away substantially wealthier.

Jasmine changed to eagle form and flew to Greycliffs to do some scouting. Greycliffs stood, although there were signs of a minor siege on its guardian towers, one of them looked pretty burned out. Inside the city, there was much revelry. Humans and orcs rubbed shoulders and there was no sign of conflict. No ships were in the harbour however, the nearest said she saw was standing well out to sea. It was all very puzzling. The party headed on towards Greycliffs, not knowing what to do should they reach the port.

Fortunately Jasmine finally managed to translate the ancient tome. They were to travel further north, to the ice at the top of the world, and had to be there in time for the solstice. The party moved on and, after visiting with a screesland clan who tortured them with terrible wailing music that came from hollow tubes set in inflated sheep stomachs, they heard of a trading party of North men. Making haste, they were bale to catch the last ship before it put to sea. The captain was dubious, but good gold soon had him smiling and agreeing to take them to Windor Isle.

An uneventful trip soon had them on the bleak treeless isle, where even bleaker locals were less than welcoming. Unable to take their horses with on the North man's ship, they had bargained for the screeslanders to look after them. Travelling in the heavy snow of Windor was a problem and much trading at ridiculous prices had to be done for whalebone snowshoes and other essential provisions. Traversing the snow swept tundra of which the isle was made, they eventually came across one of the few nomadic clans. They were far friendlier than their kinsfolk to the south and welcomed the travellers. The nomads were able to assist with getting the travellers to their destination, sending them with a boy to the seashore. He bade them alight a carrack made of hide and wale bone and sailed them to the ice at the top of the world.

Leaving them to their fate, the boy sailed away, promising to return every moon cycle until the white moon had completed three full cycles. They headed north, hurrying now as the solstice neared. A polar bear jumped them but they were able to fight it off. Unfortunately the polar bear ripped Horsa's head off in he fray. (Hey, I rolled a 01 for its bite, sorry dude!).

Horsa is currently bargaining with his gods to see if this is it, or if he gets another turn on the wheel.

Eventually they reached a place where they ground below their feet was no longer ice, but stone. Jasmine found the special place mentioned in the tome and incanted an ancient spell for the same book. The wind picked up, soon turning into a furious blizzard that threatened to bury them, digging their graves with its freezing talons. Yet Jasmine continued to incant. The party was about to give up hope when they suddenly found themselves in a warm, summer garden.

Most memorable moment

We had the Clockwork Orange soundtrack going in the background. During the battle with the elves, Rochavel announces he is going to charge. As he starts his charge, on comes the William Tell Overture. A very well timed coincidence.


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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
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