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Campaign Journal XVI August MMIII

Top level Ga Campaign Notes

Notes from Tony's campaign

After the freezing cold of the polar winter, the party found themselves in a pleasant warm garden. Taking stock of their situation, they noted that the garden was very symmetrical. Everything had an exact match opposite it. If a tree was one side of a path, its twin would be the other side. They noted that they were standing on a gravel pathway. In the distance stood a low brown building. They started toward it. The sun shone directly overhead and did not appear to move with the passing of time.

Striding down the path eventually brought them to an octagonal nexus. Seven other paths radiated from each corner of the octagon. In the centre of the nexus stood a statue of a large lion with a human head and stubby wings. It appeared to watch them as they passed. They moved on, continuing toward the building. Much time passed and they began to realize the immense size o the garden. Coming to another nexus, they were confronted by six humanoid warriors, clad from head to toe in grey plate armour. The strangers bad the party accompany them to the building. Thinking it better to comply than force battle with the warriors, they did so.

Many leagues were travelled and more nexus were crossed before they eventually reached he building. Up close the edifice was immense although it appeared to be of a single story. They were escorted through a dark portal leading inside.
Meanwhile, somewhere in Arabia circa 30 BC - One Tavar El Sabat, a nomad herder of goats was busy moving his goats to the nearest oasis when he beheld another oasis he hand never seen before. Realising it was no mirage he changed direction and approached. The oasis was indeed real and apparently unused. Apart from the feeling of desolation, it appeared to be normal in an other way. Tavar led his goats to the water and settled down to enjoy some dates. He fell asleep and, when he woke, was in a strange land. Huge green trees surrounded a placid cool pool of water.

Starting to his feet, he was surprised to behold a beautiful watery maiden in the pool. She warned to return from whence he came, but before he could work out where he was, a creature which looked like a lion with a humans face and stubby wings accompanied by a group of six massive heavily armoured warriors entered the glade and took him prisoner. They escorted him to a massive low brown building where he was lead into a cell, stripped and chained in a standing spread-eagled position before being giving a sound lashing.
Deep within the edifice the party entered a large domed room where a gigantic Cyclops sat on a throne. Known as Vr the equalizer, he was a titan of great power. He advised them that a titan known as Borrii had gained control of a greatly powerful artefact, which he was using to orchestrate his and his allies return to Ga. Vr was not allowed to interfere in their scheming directly, but bade the party stop Borrii before he succeeded in his plan. For is he returned to Ga, every living thing would be in peril of dying in his bloodthirsty revenge for his millennia in exile.
The party was to seek Shree, another titan and ally of Borrii. To this end, they were dismissed and escorted by the heavily armoured warriors as well as a living incarnation of the leonine statue, to a portal. Before they were dismissed by Vr, a tortured human was brought into his throne room. They were bid take the intruder, one Tavar El Sabat from a distant land with them.

Although highly dubious of their task, the party entered the portal and fond themselves in an icy land. The sun once again shone directly overhead but did not offer any warmth. They trudged for many leagues across barren ice and between sleek glaciers, eventually collapsing from exhaustion. With no fuel about, they were forced to huddle together for warmth. Fortunately for Tavar, the party had pretty much picked Horsa clean, so had a spare set of firs for him. The following day (although the sun never moved or set) the party continued. Eliam experimented with some snow boarding using the breastplate of the armour Horsa had found on the high moor.

While scanning for clues, Rocheval saw a faint blue and red glow. The party made their way towards it and eventually came to a vast crater in the ice. At the bottom they beheld a fortress of ice where a gigantic fur covered, feline looking creature which sat atom a wall seemed to be performing some sort of incantation. In the centre of the crater was a glowing, oval shaped dimensional rift, the apex of which seemed to be made of a red jewel which turned slowly. Before the rift were eight battalions of strange, humanoid creatures sporting waxy yellowing skins and faces that looked like a cross between mandrill, boar and fish. Each battalion was 100 strong.

As the party watched, two of the creatures exited the fortress, dragging a screaming human with them, eventually halting at the nearest battalion. The battalion standard bearer and two others approached and slashed the human into quarters before dipping their banner in the fast growing pool of blood. Drums started and the battalion began to march off, entering the rift single file. The party searched for a way down into the crater and eventually found an embankment that they were able to descend. Finding cover much closer to proceedings, they were able to see through the rift. Rocheval recognised familiar banners of Northice Mountain orc clans and things started clicking into place - the unexplained orc battles in Sylmar as well as the harshness of the winter in Gaia. It looked like a nasty battle was brewing on the other side of the rift.

The party became somewhat undecided at this stage. Some believed that the furry figure at the fortress was Borrii himself, others Shree. While they discussed this, another few battalions departed. Fand was able to consecrate some stones Ethnea had brought with and Ethnea subsequently able to perform some Divination. She was able to determine that the being was indeed Shree and that Eliam bore what was necessary to prevail in Shree's realm.

As a new sacrifice was being brought forth, he managed to escape. A young naked male with long red hair, he saw them and ran towards them. His keepers saw the party and called for help. The battalions of soldiers waiting to depart thankfully remained in place. One thing the party did agree on was the jewel at the apex of the rift was its source. The jewel also triggered a sudden memory for Amis. She recalled her encounter with Raznook the dragon and knew that her task was to rescue the jewel from the clutches of Borrii and restore it to Raznook.

A short battle ensued wherein Fand, Ethnea and Tavar made a wild dash for the rift, while Jasmine changed to her eagle form and flew toward Shree. Amis cast a fly spell and took off towards the apex of the rift while the rest remained behind a barrier spell Eliam had cast. Some of the enemy peeled off in pursuit of Fand etc while the rest clashed against the barrier and were slain by Rocheval and Eliam. Amis grabbed the jewel and got the shock of her life, almost losing consciousness and doing nothing to close the rift, while Jasmine came near to her demise when she tried to reason with the six-legged titan known as Shree.

The situation became desperate and the soldiers who awaited to depart began to move against the party. Fane, Ethnea and Tavar dashed through the rift and found themselves on a bloodstained battlefield. The battle had moved on but it looked like the orcs were prevailing, possible due to the interruption in troop flow that the party had caused. A new sacrifice had been made however and another battalion began to leave.

When things looked their bleakest, Eliam suddenly worked out what the goddess' (via Ethnea's Divination) cryptic statement had meant. He removed the sapling tree given him by the lady Galandriel, he attempted to plant it in the ice, whereupon it started looking like it was ready to die. Realising the tree needed soil to grow, he started hacking at the ice. Things were looking bleak as Jasmine arrived and told everyone to get back and began casting a form set fire to cleared a decent patch of soil. The tree was planted and, a few seconds later, began to show signs of growth. A howl came from the fortress as Shree was distracted and the incantation interrupted.

The rift collapsed, the gem disappearing with its demise while the troops who were in transit were blown to smithereens. The party who had remained in Shree's domain suddenly found themselves in a thick jungle, minus one of their number, Honsu. Fand, Ethnea and Tavar had busied themselves looting in the mean time and were thusly occupied when a deux ex machina was performed by the GM and a large glowing red gem suddenly appeared before Ethnea's. She grabbed it and began to looses substance. Fand grabbed her and the effect spread. Tavar, thinking them to be in mortal danger tried to pull them away and he too began to lose form. The three of them found themselves in a desert.

Those who were in the jungle found themselves confronted by a gigantic snake. This did not bode well for Rocheval who had developed a bit of a dislike for the slithering serpents. It was Sstth, the titan whom the snake people of far off Vasniss worshipped as goddess. She told the party that she would help them but extracted a price of each:

Eliam was tasked with leading a holy crusade to free the land of her beloved people from the tyrannical grip of the Gissian Empire.
Rocheval was tasked with finding the Crater of Plenty and convincing kind Stum that snakes are not evil.
Amis was advised that she would have to love and care for Jasmine as a sister.
Jasmine would loose much to complete the quest, so has no geas placed upon her.

The party grumbled about the gessa, but accepted them in return for assistance. Sstth revealed that Borrii had a great weakness for games of chance, a successful gamble could complete their task. She also opened a portal to his domain.

In the desert - The sand was white and as fine as salt. No features broke the bleak landscape. Ethnea, Fand and Tavar marked a figure, clad in black approaching. He was the keeper of the realm between life and death. To pass back to the realms of life, or on to the realms of death, the threesome had to either win or loose a game of Senet (As no senet board or knowledge was available to the players, chess was used to represent the game). They were fortunate enough to win the game and were whisked to the realm of Borrii where they met their colleagues.

Borrii's realm had the appearance of a deserted ancient city. Bleak brown, crumbling buildings were split by random narrow pathways, which occasionally spilled onto wider, dusty thoroughfares. While the city had all the appearances of being long dead, the party felt the eerie sensation of being watched. They found themselves on a broad avenue which appeared to lead more or less straight for some distance. Moving down the avenue, the heard scuttling sounds and soon began to catch glimpses of large, scorpion like creatures which, appeared to be tracking them.

They began to move faster as it became evident that they were being perused, albeit from a distance. Entering a large square with what appeared to be an ancient temple in the middle, they hastened towards the building, hoping its elevated nature would give them a better view of their surrounds, thereby determining how dire their situation was. Alighting the stairs, they were shocked to find themselves confronted by a huge red scorpion creature when they reached the landing. It was much the same, albeit bigger, than the creatures that had been perusing them. It differed primarily in appearance from a regular scorpion in that it had a whip like tail.

Another big difference soon became apparent when it squirted strong acid that dissolved armour from its mouth. A quick battle followed in which no one (bar the scorpion) was much hurt. The scorpion dispatched, the party reviewed their situation. The scorpions fellows had halted at the edges of the square, but had been joined by what appeared to be living humanoid statues, effectively surrounding our heroes. The scenario took another return for the worse as between the buildings, they beheld a gigantic metal statue approaching.

Even the slowest of orcs would have quickly cottoned onto the assumption that Borrii, the titan approached. He was not impressed with the party. Upsetting his allies invasion had slowed his own plans. Some rapid negotiation ensued, effectively earning the party a stay of execution, so long as they could beat Borrii at a game of chance. (Poker, Dice and Blackjack were used to represent the game). Borrii won the first round, but the party won the following two.

While highly angry at the outcome, Borrii did hold his end of the bargain. He turned over the Dragonstone jewel and removed the curse that the artefact of his creation had wrought on Jasmine. (She has slowly become a vampire over the space of ten years. Before entering the realm of the titans, she had finally confessed her diabolic nature to the rest of the party, whom had taken it pretty well, for the most part).

Those party members that were not granted favours in the form of curse removal and powerful jewellery received the boon of a wish, but they were warned that the use of the wish may not always have the desired consequences.

A portal back to Ga was opened and the party found themselves under a dolmen, in a grassy winter plain. Amis recognised it as the place where she had met Raznook, the dragon and as if bid by her memory, a vast serpentine head appeared, arching down from above. The dragon was atom the dolmen, awaiting its prize. Amis gave her the Dragonstone jewel and the dragon departed, after thanking the party for preventing a new age of destruction.

The quest over, each went their own way.


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