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The Cast of Characters - Carol's Adventure

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Characters in Carol's adventure

The following characters and players are partaking in Carol's adventure:

Character Name & Race Status Player Name
Game Master - She who must be obeyed Introducing a rocking new island of her design Carol
Sigrčana - Human Female barbarian warrior. Adri
Sildek - Human Barbarian sailor. Willo
Gunr-Mo-Lug - Human Barbarian mason. A pacifist after tireing of bloodshed. Tony
Duguni of the Dugu tribe - Human Primitive huntress of large mouth and smnall stature. Barbara
Breetai - Human (not Zentradi) Barbarian priest of Balar The Thunderer. Garyth
Urg - The Slayer - White Eye Barbarian warrior who professes to be handy with a sword. Thinks he is half human, which is impossible due to incompatible genetic makeup of humans and white eyes. Garett

Post Script

All members of the Dugu tribe have a name starting with Dugu and ending in a two letter suffix, like ni/lo - Dugulo etc.

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