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In preperation for the next session in Tony's campaign.

Please to be sending me (Tony your faithful GM), before Friday VI May MMIV, a brief synopsis of what your characters have been doing in Draskor since the city was sealed. This is confidential and will affect certain things (good or bad) that may or may not happen to your characters.

The synopsis can have any random info your would like to provide, but critical info I need is:
  • What your main activitiy(s) have been.
  • Where you have been most active.
  • What you have purchased or sold.
  • What you have had to eat and drink (for reduction in monies see below).

This should speed up play and allow me to develop plot hooks in certain directions.


Since we last played life in the city has become hard. The heat of summer has become worse and along with the stench of sewers and overcrowding, even the most fervent of revellers has become somewhat dour. In the lower city, people have been rioting almost daily. With their old housing torn down and no work on their new housing (most of the masons etc are in camp outside the city, those who haven't already given up and left that is), the average lower class citizen is less than pleased.

Prices of necessities have risen dramatically. Basic foodstuffs have risen to five times, sometimes even more, their value while luxury foods like wine have risen over ten time their value. A rash of crime has spread over town as people become desperate enough to pick pockets, cut purses or just murder to avoid starvation. The city guard is out in full force. The Dalatian army (what still exists of it after its general decline over the last 14 years) is still unaccounted for, most likely still patrolling highways and border posts. Taramis' own personal army has taken to guarding the citadel, fearing the mob may try to storm it. Those knights of Osria who remained in the city before the earthquake have holed up in their chapter house).

An example of the synopsis:
  • Name: Wulfhere
  • Activity: Arrived for festivities and possibility of finding work. Worked clearing rubble and putting out fires caused by the earthquake but when he was not paid did a bit of freelance rioting before signing on with he city guard, who have been looking for blokes who can handle a sword.
  • Days spent: Lower city by day, squashing rots and being a general bully to the plebs. Spend most off duty time in middle city where the likelihood of a vengeful pleb hitting him in back of head with a rock is minimal
  • Purchased: A few barrels of wine, cunningly stashed. Some iron rations and some jewellery.
  • Sold: Anything he has been able to liberate from rioters or shops being looted. Wine at heavy mark-up.
  • Eaten: Guards rations, the occasional stolen sausage.
  • Drunk: A few ales in middle city otherwise water from he fountains and wells, its free.

I await your replies.


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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

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