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Campaign Journal - XV May MMIV

Top level Ga Campaign Notes

More notes from Tony's neverending campaign.

With the city gates closed, Draskor began to fester. The summer heat and lack of rain had made the city stink from its own rubbish. Its population swollen from the goings on, food supplies fast became a commodity.

Work did carry one. The fires were all extinguished and wok parties began to clear the rubble of collapsed buildings. The earthquake had done most of its damage in the lower city, where buildings were not of the quality of the gleaming temples and residences further up the hill.

The party minced about in Draskor for a few days before taking action to extract themselves from a cauldron that appeared to be fast coming to the boil. Taramis had issued a declaration stating that the gates were closed to protect Draskor from would be invaders. At first people believed her to be indicating the delegations from the Gissian Empire and Illium Cromia, but soon enough both of these encampments packed up and departed whence they had came.

Between petitioning at the citadel for the fees of services rendered to the crown, Nic dragooned amid into assisting him with exploring the sewers, looking for another route out of the city. Ethnea holed up in the temple of the moon goddess, regaining her spells and accepting a gaes from the high priestess. Skwib moseyed about the ruins, assisting with clearing rubble and [pocketing anything of value that came to hand. Wit the price if food at a premium, many stooped to subsiding on the barest essentials and drinking from the cities wells and fountains. Skwib was one of these and would suffer the consequences later.

Nic finally managed to secure half payment for his contract from the factor he had originally spoken to. A fact he was happy enough with as he had only performed on half of the deal. Later that day all gathered around and decided to try and leave the city via the sewers. Amis had discovered reference to ancient catacombs below the old city and after exploration with Nic, believed to have found an entrance to them.

They made their way down into the sewers and after slopping about for some time, came to a shaft heading down into utter darkness. They descended and soon came to a relatively dry passageway with two choices. Heading left, they soon felt the passage slope downwards. No one had bothered to bring a lamp or torches so Skwib led the way with the rest blindly following. The passage moved left and right before coming to a drop off. Skwib went down and announced that there was another passage. The rest followed and soon found themselves nearing a pipe from which light and voices emanated. The pipe was not wide enough to admit a human, but seemed to have found recent use as a privy, judging from the smell and dampness on the ground adjacent to its opening.

The voices inside appeared to belong to goblyns. Nic encountered that eh had heard a story of some of the goblin slaves brought to the capital by Taramis had escaped during the confusion of the earthquake. Some of them must have found their way into the sewers. The party snuck past the hold and continued. Soon thereafter the passage began to narrow from above until they had to crawl to go further. Skwib got onto his chest and wormed forward, reporting another narrow opening - too small for a human - into a dark cavern beyond.

The party decided to head back. After some aimless wandering trying out some alternative routes, they found themselves at the base of the shaft they had entered down. They chose to go the other way and soon found themselves in what appeared to be a plundered storeroom. Some sifting through debris provided Skwib with an antique bronze hauberk. Other curiosities were also revealed, including a lamp and oil, very handy for lighting the dark passages they had been previously led down by Skwib, whom appeared at home in the darkness.

Moving on and descending further, they soon found the way ahead becoming lighter. Along with the light came traces of goblin voices in argument. A narrow stairwell leading down a wall opened into a gallery wherein fires burned and s group of seven goblyns were present. A protrusion cut off the view into the rest of the gallery wherein further goblin voices could be heard shouting. The stairs allowed entrance to the gallery or for the delver to continue further down into the darkness.

Although the valiant foursome were in plain view of the goblyns below, they had not yet been detected. This would all changes when they realised how useless they actually were at moving silently and battle was soon joined. The party got off to a bad start and soon looked like their assailants, all pretty well armed from plundering the previous cavern, would prevail. Some hard fighting ensued and after killing some goblyns, the rest, most of whom had been grievously wounded decided to run for it.

Knowing reinforcements would arrive soon, the party also decided to do runner. Rather than head back into the city, they decided to continue down the stairs. Soon enough the sounds of pursuit could be heard, but some strategically fired arrows from Amis soon deterred the pursuers, who stopped and began arguing amongst themselves before cautiously following. The party continued hastily downwards careful not to stumble on the narrow stairs before reaching a landing. Once again their pursuers stopped and began arguing. They did not come further.

A tunnel lead one way and opposite its entrance was a stone slap, clearly wrought by hand. Curiosity and the possibility of loot soon had all four intrepid delvers pushing against the slab. At first it would not budge. Amis mumbled some arcane words and touched Skwib and they tried again. The veins stood out on Skwib's forehead but and all were near admitting defeat when it began to budge. A few millimetres at first and then suddenly with a loud grating it eased forward and crashed to the ground beyond.

The party entered and soon found scones in the wall that contained oil. The lit oil drove off the blackness within and they soon found themselves in a burial chamber. Before them were six stone slaps equally spaced, three to a side, upon which rested the skeletal remains of what appeared to be warriors, from their antique armour and weapons. Against the far wall sat a figure clad in golden armour on a stone throne. All the skeletons appeared to be human, yet somehow different with slightly broader narrower skulls and larger bone structure than the average human. A narrow trough of oil ran around the walls of the chamber and when lit, lamps became of no further use.

Amis and Ethnea had a sense of deje voux (sp). Behind the throne was a beaten copper fresco inlaid with silver and red gold, detailing an ancient battle scene. The chamber greatly resembled that of one they had found on the high moor, over a year previously. See Campaign Journal - XV March MMIII

The chamber contained vast wealth, as they delvers soon found out when they moved the lid off one of the slabs. Much plundering ensued and the gods were forced to remind the characters of the laws of nature and physics, specifically those of encumbrance.

Further investigation revealed another chamber behind wall from which the throne was carved. It was at this time that all but Ethnea began to act strange. They stopped what they were doing and stood with blank stares. Ethnea tried to gain their attention but to no effect. Feeling magic may be at play, she cast a dispel magic spell, which had immediate effect, bringing the others from their trans. They reported all seeing the same sight, a chilling vision of a massive battle whose sense of dread and loss still chilled their bones.

The second chamber was packed with the skeletal remains of warriors and their horses. It was hard to tell but from appearances an entire army was buried here. Filling their packs with what they could carry, they decided to depart the eerie room, quenching the oil fires as they left.

Quickly they went down the3 other passage so as to avoid rousing the goblyn's attention. Soon enough they came to another stone slab. This one was difficult to budge, but less so than the other and once it started moving, it quickly slid forwards and won on a stone rail. Beyond was the night sky. They were on the steep part of the hill just below the cities third and final wall. Not waiting to see if they had been detected, they quickly sealed the passage, marking it or future reference and headed down the hill and into the farmlands beyond.

Daylight brought decision time. After resting and finding food to eat at a village, they decided to head southeast. Both Skwib and Amis hailed from that direction and desired to return home. Ethnea and Nic had less of such a desire and a bigger thirst for adventure, so followed. Soon enough they were on the road to Wo. Nic was keen to advise the knights there of events in Draskor, but the rest were less than keen to attract the knight attention, fearing questioning, possible imprisonment and definite confiscation of loot.

Bearing this in mind, and hearing of a checkpoint on the road ahead from the residents of a town they passed through, they decided to take the low road, which wound through a picturesque valley along the course of a river. It was down this valley that they encountered a monster of a man called Bree, who took issue with them stealing his hams he had drying in sheds. Some apologies and coin soon changed his attitude and they were welcomed and fed before hastening on their way the following day.

A couple of leagues hence, while debating the feasibility of purchasing new mounts to replace those that had remained in Draskor and whom had possibly been eaten by now, they blundered into what appeared to be an ambush. Surrounded by a superior force of well-armed soldiers in the recognisable green with gold stylised serpent emblem of the empire, they chose the decurion's offer of peace.

They were led to a concealed encampment where they were handed over to a Centurion who made them an offer: Join the expeditionary legion. Taramis needed support, which the empire was happy to supply in exchange for trade treaties. However due to Dalatias previous dislike for all things Gissian, the support of a normal legion would create resentment for the new queen. Instead a new legion was in the forming. Made mostly of locals, they would be trained in the art of warfare by the empire before being put at Taramis' disposal. The recruiting centurion had been watching the party since their escape and admired their initiative. The party agreed to think on the offer.

Dodgy GM humour of the session:

The party entered and soon found scones in the wall - but they were very stale.


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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
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