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Campaign Journal - Supplemental (V March MMV)

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Continuation of Tony's campaign after a long leave of abscence. Due to unfiortunate circumsatances a number of players could not make it, so those who could went on a nice, exciting side adventure.

Brief Summary of past events:

After visiting the Utgard and closing the gateway that would have brought a vast army of icy warriors into Gaia, thereby heralding a new ice age, the people who survived returned to Midgard and to their extreme surprise, were not greeted as heroes or any such thing as no one was aware that they had been doing such an important task.

Anyways, some characters buggered off to other climes, while a few stayed on and met up with some new characters. (Some of this may be on the site, just check....)

Anyways, the intrepid adventurers, never trying of a plot hook arrived in Central Dalatia, met with some less than popular knights (The Knights of Draldeath, led by Lantillo) from a far land and eventually arrived at Draskor. Seems while there, the king died and in place of his closest known relative, his bastard daughter made an appearance and swiped the crown. The party did a bit of dirty work for her to ensure this would occur and was issued a chest of gold as payment. (Nic tried/succeeded to swindle the rest of the party and short pay them).

Some events occurred, including a change of monarch and an earthquake. The party found themselves trapped in a city that was showing signs of starvation and plague. They found a way out through some catacombs below the city and mad ea fast disappearing act. They subsequently found the roads eastwards closed (by the Knights of Osria, who had opposed the Taramis' bid for the crown) and had to travel on farm roads and forest paths.

On one of these paths, the party met up with some leigionirres from the Gissian Foreign Legion, who talked them into joining up. (They had encountered them in Draskor before the city gates were closed due to the earthquake).

There was a bit of a splitting of ways here, with Amis carrying on east to Drakor, her homeland. The rest traveled west via Slavinia and boarded a south bound ship at Korais. Stopping along the way at Lutetia, other punters who had joined the legion boarded. (Bilge Rat and Al Ways Wright). Eventually arriving on the distant, exotic shores of the Gissian Empire, the soon found themselves submerged in army life. Training and learning of the empire took up most of their days. (Fast Forward about two years training). Eventually fit to wear the colors of the legion, especially the new founded special foreign century "Taramis" (For the new queen of Dalatia, there some sort of alliance there), they marched south to the capital of the Empire - Grim-Giss - and, along with the rest of the XI Expeditionary Legion, were presented to the emperor, to whom they swore their lives. (Some characters saw this as coercions - Oaths are pretty important here). There were some war games to celebrate and we basically stopped there.


The XI Expeditionary Legion was gives a three day pass after swearing themselves to the Emperor. Months of back pay were issued (1 Verisi, 5 Cesti and 5 Silver pux). A massive amount of revelry occurred that night, before legionnaires started going their separate ways. Squib and Bilge Rat met up with an Orc called Turf, for a different Cohort. He too hailed from Gaia, originally from the distant Northice mountains, but had been traveling and adventuring for years. He had only recently joined the legion, although as a mercenary, not a regular legionnaire.

The next day Turf, Squib and Bilge (all a bit lighter ion the purse) decided to stick together and head for the city. A wide road (three wagons could travel abreast) led the 8 leagues to the city. Bilge rode his horse there while the other hitched a ride on a wagon carrying thieves.

Grim-Giss was a city of wonders. Its size was immense and a whole days loitering only served to confuse and disorientate the threesome. Buildings of Polished black basalt, granite and marble vied for place along the long winding streets. Many squares and a few pleasure gardens with fountains of onyx and marble

Needless to say, after spending their monies on various pleasures, trinkets and entertainments (Bilge lost 9 silver pux betting that Turf would win a wrestling contest while Squib had himself painted with striped markings resembling those of the Blood Adder). The threesome found themselves eating dinner at the Visiting Legionnaires Flophouse.

Six legionnaires form another century, that had been bested in the games two days before, arrived and started a scuffle. A full fledged fist fight/head butt fest/table throwing incident ensued, resulting tin the injury of a few antagonists and everyone else being arrested.

A military court found the Squib, Turf and Bilge Rat guilty of misbehavior and before the day was out, they with many others found themselves on a shallow drafted rive galley heading for the northern swamps and a stint in the IXth legion.

A week of hard rowing (strength training) later, they and other prisoners disembarked at an earth and timber fort in the sweltering lowland swamp heat of the Disputed Lands. This was the homeland of the last Araktoran Elves as well as that of many a sympathizer, brigand, mutineer, mosquito and other undesirable life form.

The lizard men of the empire despised these lands as much as their human comrades. Natives of warm dry lands, the creatures of the swamp played havoc with their systems. Small wonder it was then that much of the IXth legions compliment was of military undesirables, there for punishment.

The threesome had little time to settle before a human decurion called Morini approached them and advised that they would be going on a mission with him. It was deep in the swampland and they would have to blend in. Armour and garb or the legion was replaced for more nondescript fare by the forts quartermaster.

A canoe took them north west, soon leaving the course of the many rivers and streams that crisscrossed the land to travel over muddy banks, submerged by summer floods. Used to open places, the three legionnaires found themselves disorientated by the trees and endless waterways. They were eventually dropped off and had to continue on foot. Most of the traveling was on an embankment, but every so often they were forced to cross a patch of flooded land or stream. Morini explained along the way that they were searching for a spy called Asra. All he had to go on was that she was thought captured and that she would not appear as a likeness he had been given - The likeness was of a lizard woman.

It was whilst crossing such a flooded stretch, stripped to their loincloths and carrying their sacks of gear and weapons that they were ambushed. Always scanning their surrounds, the picked up movement and started heading for cover. Arrows started reigning down and Morini was quickly hit. With no armour on he was severely wounded by the time they found cover. The rest had to fight on. Turf lobbed some knives, followed by some rocks, while Squib threw his javelins. Bilge had a bow and let fly with a rapid volley of arrows.

No one got away uninjured, but two of the four assailants (turned out to be emaciated looking elves) were killed while the other two, wounded, managed to flee. The party quickly fled the scene (after some mandatory scavenging). At a safe distance they did first aid and healing before continuing. Two days slow march later they reached their destination - a low fortification of mud and earth stretching between trees on a raised embankment.

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