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Shields and Armour

Top level Rules Weapons and Armour

Additional shields and armour for use in Rune Quest.

Scutum: The RQ III rules refer to the large, heavy rectangular shield used by Roman legionaries as a hoplite shield. This is incorrect, the shields name is a scutum.

Thebe (3 AP): A large cow hide shield favored by many Southern African tribes. Thebe is the Sotho word for this shield. The shield is roughly oval shaped and is taller than the warrior that carries it. Widest at the middle, it tapers to a point at each end. It is usually slightly convex, to allow missiles and poorly thrust weapons to glance off. The concavity on the bearers side can be used to store items such as weapons and rations. They are made by stretching cow hide over a light wooden frame. Due to their size and relatively light weight, the shields can be used to form shield walls, tortoises and phalanxes. They will effectively cover the legs, torso and shield arm in combat. In fact it will cover the whole body but the combatant will have to expose head, part of chest and weapon arm to strike. As a result it is very effective when seeking cover from missile weapons.

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