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The Cast of Characters - Tony's Campaign

Top level Ga Campaign Notes

A list of players and characters for Tony's campaign as at VIII February MMIII

The following characters and players are partaking in Tony's campaign:

Character Name & Race Status Player Name
Game Master - Man of many voices, tries to arrive on time for the game Trying to bring a number of characters form all over the place together Tony
Amis Alliana - Human New character, travelling northern Dalatia in search of knowledge Carol
Ethnea - Human Barbarian shield maiden from Valornes, Fands older sister Barbra
Fand - Human Ethneas sister - recently paid off a weregild after being involved in the slaying of a chieftains son Natalie
Rochavel- Human Succussful and charismatic leader of a well known band of mercinares - busy campaigning in the wilderness north of Dalatia Garyth
Horsa - Human - Deceased Fled to Dalatia after skipping out on a weregild on Valornes - Currently discussing his resurrection with Bor the smith god Garett
Quazi(modo) - Human - Deceased? A great fighter, although ugly as a cave troll - Currently petrified in an ancient temple on the Misty Isle. Willo
Honsu - Human Barbarian shaman from the deep south. Travelling northern Gaia on advice of his fetch Adri
Peat - Orc - Deceased? Orc apprentice of Horsa. - Currently petrified in an ancient temple on the Misty Isle Garett
Eliam - Human Knight of Osria, possible new party member - Currently a prisoner of the party. Willo
Jasmine - Human Powerful, enigmatic sorceress from the Misty Isle Carol
Tavar El Sabat - Human Strange nomad from a far off land. Aka: Yusuf, Rashaan, Whipping Boy, Towel Head


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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

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