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Combat Rules


Tom Cantine


09.01.2003 08:31


Hello, all. I too have just stumbled across this site, and am very pleased to find other RQ enthusiasts out there.

Like most longtime gamers, I've been doing some tinkering with the combat rules myself, and I've been doing a lot of work on knockback lately, in particular to make it mesh better with falling damage and everything else. But for my first contribution here, I thought I'd just share some ideas I've had on Dodge and Parry skills...

It doesnít seem right that a successful dodge against a special success should be completely useless. Thus I propose that rather than simply requiring a dodge to be at least the same level of success as an attack, the level of dodge success should be subtracted from the level of success of the attack. Thus, a simple dodge will reduce a simple attack to a miss, a special to a simple, and a critical to a special, while a special dodge would reduce a critical attack to a simple success. A critical dodge can even cause a failed attack to turn into a fumble.

Parry vs. Thrusting weapons:
There should be a reason to slash with a broadsword rather than just thrusting all the time, and knockback on a special success just isnít a very attractive alternative to impaling damage. As well, something doesnít seem quite right about trying to block a spear thrust with the blade of oneís sword; a proper parry against a thrust is more a matter of diverting the blow than stopping it. So, let parries against thrusting attacks be treated as dodges are, shifting the success of the attack by the success level of the parry, subject of course to the limitation that the parrying weapon must have at least 1 armour point.
Thus, a simple wooden stick would suffice as a parrying weapon against a spear, and give an attacker with a broadsword a reason to slash rather than thrust.

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Tom Cantine 01.02.2003 04:50  

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