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  Creatures The creatures book in the Rune Quest Deluxe box contains statistics for many monsters, animals and intelligent beings. Even so, it is far from being the ultimate source of creatures! There is always a need for new monsters and animals to spice up a campaign. We have invented statistics for many new creatures and have split them into two main categories: Creatures created for our game world and creatures commonly known from earth myths, legends and folklore.
  Rules New rules, changes to rules, new skills, weapons etc for Rune Quest.
  Deities Gods and Godesses. A list of deities and their cults.
  Ga A living, growing campaign world. This is a realistic world, where high fantasy and magic take a backseat to the strife for power thorugh arms. A world where empires clash, lizards rule and elves are scared. A world where might is right, where a strong swordarm will take you far and talk of peace is for weeklings and cowards!
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( 13.08.2002 08:04 )
A highly unusual and singular item.
Read more | Artifacts

( 13.08.2002 08:00 )
Religious talismans from the cult of the vulture god - Azun ka Nut.
Read more | Artifacts

( 13.08.2002 07:54 )
Read more | Artifacts

( 13.08.2002 07:52 )
Very powerful artifacts which can be interesting and deadly.
Read more | Artifacts

( 13.08.2002 07:45 )
An unusual artifact from a bygone age.
Read more | Artifacts

( 13.08.2002 07:41 )
Additional shields and armour for use in Rune Quest.
Read more | Weapons and Armour

( 12.08.2002 16:35 )
aka Bazzats Best Bezzle, Bazzats Bilious Beer, Bazzats Berserk Barrel, and Bazzats Bitter Bevvy
Read more | Artifacts

( 12.08.2002 13:14 )
A list of melee weapons and their statistics for Rune Quest play.
Read more | Weapons and Armour

( 08.08.2002 17:15 )
Certain artifacts of great power can affect some people in alarming ways. In the 2000AD (comic) story about Sline and the Shoggy Beast, a person touched one of the Drune Lords Weird Stones. As a result, his body was warped and he went "shoggy" on certain nights.
Read more | Rules

( 06.08.2002 14:57 )
A small predator from Madagascar.
Read more | Creatures from Earth

( 06.08.2002 14:06 )
Not a creature, but a dangerous plant that characters should approach with caution.
Read more | Flora of Ga | GA

( 06.08.2002 13:29 )
Common to many worlds lizard men (also knows and Giss) are the founders of a great empire in Ga.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

( 06.08.2002 12:56 )
This reptile was inspired by an old Viking Forge / Tabletop Fantasy / Asgard miniature called "Land Dragon with Lizard Man Rider".
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

( 26.07.2002 12:11 )
Adapted from a 2000AD Slain story with the same name. See Rules for more information on Shogginess.
Read more | Creatures from Earth

( 26.07.2002 12:10 )
A ferocious predator from the ice age. Once again a creature I designed long before realising it had stats in the Glorantha Bestiary. However Earth and Ga are not Gloratha and the tiger's stats differ considerably.
Read more | Creatures from Earth

( 26.07.2002 12:08 )
This Hydra was designed long before I obtained the Elder Secrets box, which also contains details of a Hydra. Later on, I also noticed that the Monster Coliseum box has different statistics for a Hydra as well as the Glorantha Bestiary. This one is quite different to the others however, which I hope will mean that it is quite fun to come up against.
Read more | Creatures from Earth

( 26.07.2002 12:02 )
Inspired by the Land Dragon, the Wazzat Lizards from Snarf Quest by larry Elmore and a characters need for a decent dog/pack animal suitable for travelling through the hot deserts of Northern Araktor.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

( 26.07.2002 11:49 )
Recomendations for games, authers and other stuff.
Read more | Random Eric

( 16.10.2001 18:22 )
We are interested to hear from you, our users. What do you think of the site? What would you like to ad? Complete the feedback form TODAY!
Read more | Old Articles Archive

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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

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