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  Creatures The creatures book in the Rune Quest Deluxe box contains statistics for many monsters, animals and intelligent beings. Even so, it is far from being the ultimate source of creatures! There is always a need for new monsters and animals to spice up a campaign. We have invented statistics for many new creatures and have split them into two main categories: Creatures created for our game world and creatures commonly known from earth myths, legends and folklore.
  Rules New rules, changes to rules, new skills, weapons etc for Rune Quest.
  Deities Gods and Godesses. A list of deities and their cults.
  Ga A living, growing campaign world. This is a realistic world, where high fantasy and magic take a backseat to the strife for power thorugh arms. A world where empires clash, lizards rule and elves are scared. A world where might is right, where a strong swordarm will take you far and talk of peace is for weeklings and cowards!
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( 06.04.2009 10:48 )
Some humans experience the fun, filth and fury of an orc gathering. This is a description of te gathering and does not detail and specific role playing events.
Read more | Gaia | GA

( 21.08.2008 07:45 )
A hard wood tree common to the dark continent of Vassniss
Read more | Flora of Ga | GA

( 28.07.2008 16:35 )
Many new skills can be thought up. Some are suggested in the Deluxe rules, such as Scout (Terrain). Vis--vis a character who served as a soldier in mainly forest areas, may have learned how to scout in forest terrain. Thus his scout skill would be pretty useful for a party sneaking through the forest, but of little use in the desert. New skills are listed here as they are thought up.
Read more | Skills

( 21.04.2008 20:29 )
Read more | News

( 12.02.2008 16:46 )
At last, the author of The Widows Tale, has published another book.
Read more | News

( 10.02.2008 17:04 )
Shorting a generic merchant for your campaign? Have your adventurers come over to Faizels Supply Emporium, for top quality goods at low, low prices.
Read more | Personalities | GA

( 17.07.2007 13:00 )
View the Character Sheet in MS Word Format.
Read more | Character Sheets & Resources

( 03.07.2007 14:44 )
A bookshop in Cape Town South Africa is holding a fantasy fest. Looks to be fun.
Read more | News

( 13.04.2007 12:07 )
A slightly wimsical look at an alternate type of troll to the standard (cave) trolls found on Ga.
Read more | Gaia | GA

( 29.01.2007 10:35 )
Press release for a locally (South African) published fantasy book by T. C. Southwell.
Read more | News

( 22.01.2007 15:12 )
The RuneQuest Open Game Licence (OGL) available through Mongoose Publishing has opened the doors for a few new publishers.
Read more | News

( 12.10.2006 13:20 )
Makes a weapon look and handle as if it were of superior material and craftmanship.
Read more | Divine Magic

( 06.10.2006 08:28 )
Orcs have been defined in nearly every fantasy setting in one way or another. This is the runeQuest.za.org take on orcs.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

( 01.10.2006 08:30 )
Rune Quest is a role playing game designed primarily for play in an "ancient" setting, such as Europe was in the days when the Rome was just a city state and Alexander the Great was busy conquering Asia Minor.
Read more | RuneQuest

( 07.09.2006 16:27 )
A female barbarian warrior from the Isle of Valornes
Read more | Personalities | GA

( 07.09.2006 16:05 )
A male barbarian smith, come wandering sell sword from the Isle of Valornes.
Read more | Gone But Not Forgotten | GA

( 07.09.2006 15:59 )
A female barbarian from the Isle of Valornes. Ethnea's sister.
Read more | Personalities | GA

( 07.09.2006 15:23 )
A well detailed history to describe them years between 15 and when a characters play actually starts.
Read more | Personalities | GA

( 06.09.2006 15:24 )
The new version of RuneQuest is available.
Read more | News

( 08.08.2006 13:02 )
A cave dwelling elven subspecies. Encountered on many worlds, these malignant creatures have dwelt on Ga for along time.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

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