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  Creatures The creatures book in the Rune Quest Deluxe box contains statistics for many monsters, animals and intelligent beings. Even so, it is far from being the ultimate source of creatures! There is always a need for new monsters and animals to spice up a campaign. We have invented statistics for many new creatures and have split them into two main categories: Creatures created for our game world and creatures commonly known from earth myths, legends and folklore.
  Rules New rules, changes to rules, new skills, weapons etc for Rune Quest.
  Deities Gods and Godesses. A list of deities and their cults.
  Ga A living, growing campaign world. This is a realistic world, where high fantasy and magic take a backseat to the strife for power thorugh arms. A world where empires clash, lizards rule and elves are scared. A world where might is right, where a strong swordarm will take you far and talk of peace is for weeklings and cowards!
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( 29.03.2006 14:15 )
This spell is detailed in Sandy Petersens The Big Hit adventure published in Heroes Magazine Vol 1 No 8. Republished here as a service to questers who do not have access to the magazine in question.
Read more | Sorcery

( 29.03.2006 14:14 )
This spell was mentioned on page 18 of the Gamemaster Book (RQIII AH version) but was never published in the Magic Book. Details are transcribed from Heroes Magazine Vol 1 No 8. Republished here as a service to questers who do not have access to the magazine in question.
Read more | Divine Magic

( 13.02.2006 15:04 )
Four 3rd edition RuneQuest books in fine condition for sale -- what would be the going price?
Read more | Classifieds

( 14.10.2005 16:40 )
Mongoose Publishing has been contracted to release a new version of RuneQuest.
Read more | News

( 14.07.2005 18:24 )
As I was unable to make one session of our side campaign, Tony came up with the idea of continuing the sessin via e-mail until I caught up with the party or died :-)
Read more | Old Articles Archive | GA

( 09.06.2005 15:01 )
A picture of the Minorian Roundhouse
Read more | Elzimazia | GA

( 09.06.2005 14:57 )
A distant, isolated island in the cold north.
Read more | Elzimazia | GA

( 02.06.2005 14:03 )
I developed this sorcery system of elemental magic. It uses standard sorcery skills (Intensity, duration, etc) and allows the sorcerer to use the forces of Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Light & Water.
Read more | Rules

( 14.03.2005 09:46 )
Time has passed and Tony is in the GM's seat again. Some existing characters are being played, some new ones have made appearances.
Read more | Campaign Notes | GA

( 14.03.2005 09:25 )
Some memorable quotes from our groups Rune Quest sessions.
Read more | Campaign Notes

( 07.03.2005 16:49 )
Continuation of Tony's campaign after a long leave of abscence. Due to unfiortunate circumsatances a number of players could not make it, so those who could went on a nice, exciting side adventure.
Read more | Campaign Notes | GA

( 07.12.2004 12:30 )
Although I had heard of Rune Quest and seen it is shops during the late 1980's I only started playing the game, intermittently, in the early 1990's.

After a bit of a roleplaying drought, the core of our current group got together to start a Rune Quest campaign and have played rune Quest ever since.
Read more | Ga | GA

( 10.11.2004 16:43 )
Read more | News

( 27.09.2004 12:34 )
A new category on Runequest.za.org, includes moving soem older articles.
Read more | News

( 27.09.2004 12:05 )
An interesting article detailing two new magic systems.
Read more | Rules

( 20.09.2004 11:05 )
Wergild Worries is a hack and slash adventure based on the Island of Valrones, west of Gaia. It should be easy enough to retrofit with most campaigns.
Read more | Adventures | GA

( 02.09.2004 17:03 )
The GM Shield project on RuneQuest.za.org has been updated.
Read more | News

( 02.09.2004 17:00 )
Table1 - Based on Games Workshop table/info.
I have resurrected my project to produce a printible, useful Rune Quest GM's shield.
Read more | Site News

( 02.09.2004 15:36 )
A cult spell for the Moon Goddess. May her radiant face shine upon us.
Read more | Divine Magic

( 29.07.2004 16:19 )
Look, its a chameleon.
Read more | Divine Magic

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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

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