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  Creatures The creatures book in the Rune Quest Deluxe box contains statistics for many monsters, animals and intelligent beings. Even so, it is far from being the ultimate source of creatures! There is always a need for new monsters and animals to spice up a campaign. We have invented statistics for many new creatures and have split them into two main categories: Creatures created for our game world and creatures commonly known from earth myths, legends and folklore.
  Rules New rules, changes to rules, new skills, weapons etc for Rune Quest.
  Deities Gods and Godesses. A list of deities and their cults.
  Ga A living, growing campaign world. This is a realistic world, where high fantasy and magic take a backseat to the strife for power thorugh arms. A world where empires clash, lizards rule and elves are scared. A world where might is right, where a strong swordarm will take you far and talk of peace is for weeklings and cowards!
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( 26.06.2003 14:41 )
Notes from Tony's campaig.
Read more | Campaign Notes | GA

( 26.06.2003 14:22 )
A list of players and characters for Tony's campaign as at VIII February MMIII
Read more | Campaign Notes | GA

( 25.06.2003 15:30 )
Icon is one of the main games convestions in South Africa
Read more | Old Articles Archive

( 12.05.2003 15:23 )
A mysterious transportation device
Read more | Artifacts

( 09.05.2003 00:00 )
Illium Cromia - An island witha n ancient and powerful civilisation. Forming part of the Western Isles, its once invincible legions conquered most of North Western Gaia. Now, centuries later, many a dalatian, Slavinian and Aquatinian can trace their roots back to the Island.
Read more | The Western Isles | GA

( 29.04.2003 12:30 )
Notes from Tony's campaign
Read more | Campaign Notes | GA

( 23.04.2003 14:57 )
Publishing Rumours for Ga
Read more | The Rumour Mill | GA

( 15.04.2003 15:57 )
Notes from Tony's campaign.
Read more | Campaign Notes | GA

( 02.03.2003 00:49 )
A list of edible plants endemic to northere Gaia
Read more | Flora of Ga | GA

( 16.02.2003 21:42 )
Notes from Tony's Campaign. A story introducing the characters and how they came to be together.
Read more | Campaign Notes | GA

( 10.01.2003 11:43 )
The concept of travelling between worlds is not new. While Ga is a vast and complex world full of adventure, it is not the only world out there.
Read more | Ga | GA

( 08.01.2003 16:49 )
The Black Company is a series of books written by Glen Cook, detailing a gritty, realistic fantasy world. Since its inception, it has become a cult series, spawning many an sites and complimentary literature.
Read more | Other Interest

( 10.12.2002 13:27 )
Out of the ashes of Tau, at the dawn of this new age birthed in fire and chaos a warrior arose and brought forth a new era in warfare throughout Gaia.

Read more | Gaia | GA

( 10.12.2002 07:53 )
The sourcebook "Genertela" must be one of the ultimate teasers ever published in the RPG milieu. It is stuffed with intriguing notes on cultures, people, history and places of interest. These notes were never complete sourcebooks as we know them in other RPG's (like Warhammer) though. So the box set made people wait in excitement for the books covering parts of Genertela in detail. -They had to wait for 12 years...
Read more | Worlds

( 27.11.2002 15:44 )
They are called White Eye from the very light colour of their irises and most adventurers will run like hell when faced with even one.
Read more | Natives of Ge | GA

( 20.11.2002 16:38 )
"The path of the Gecko " - A guide to the Jahmori Gecko clan inhabiting a remote jungle basin in south central Vasniss.
Read more | Ga | GA

( 18.11.2002 18:21 )
Notes from Willo's campaign

Read more | Old Articles Archive | GA

( 22.10.2002 14:38 )
A northman noble (Viking Jarl) from the northlands.
Read more | Personalities | GA

( 22.10.2002 14:29 )
A primitive hunter from the small islands north of Valornes.
Read more | Personalities | GA

( 14.10.2002 10:30 )
Notes from Willo's campaign.
Read more | Old Articles Archive | GA

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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

Read more



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