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  Occupations The RQ deluxe box offers a wide range of occupations, depending on which culture a character belongs to. Not all occupations can be accounted for however, and the idea of creating some new ones came forward when a player decided he wanted to play a Tax Collector!

Further thought has gone into the idea of creating new occupations and two factors came to mind:
  • There are existing occupations, which are not listed - such as a miner.
  • Specialist occupations that are reliant on an adventurer knowing a related "mother" occupation - such as a ships navigator/master (The adventurer would have to know how to sail first.)
There are also occupations, which are listed in other RQ material. They shall be mentioned by name here with a reference to where further details can be found.
  Character Sheets & Resources Character Sheets for Runequest, print and download.

No Rune Quest site would be complete without the inclusion of at least one "better than standard" character sheet.

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Rune Quest is a role playing game designed primarily for play in an "ancient" setting, such as Europe was in the days when the Rome was just a city state and Alexander the Great was busy conquering Asia Minor.
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