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Campaign Journal X May MMIII

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Campaign notes from Tony's Campaign

This page once contained a long winded, poorly written campaign journal detailing the parties May session. Unfortunatly, Dumbass, the god of illiteracy guided the webmasters hand into deleting the article when no backup was available. Apologies to everone. Tony

Brief Synopsis

The party took ship across the mirsea. They were seperated from Tiberius Heavy Horse and the Knights of Draldeath (on seperate ships) in a heavy storm. Close to sinking their ship stopped at an island for repairs. The party did some exloring, used some magic, got close to decimated by snakes and returned.

The ship finally arrived at Dussel. Quazi beat some elves lights out and managed to secure inforrmation on a hermit with strange transport, perfect for reaching the Misty Isle. They founbd the hermit, negotiated (without violence!) and, after securing lodgings for their horses, took flight in a basket held in a massive birds claws.

Oh, Fand stayed at Daemon Down to repair the earth, after hearing a call from the goddess to do so.

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