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I have resurrected my project to produce a printible, useful Rune Quest GM's shield.

Following the improvement summary poll, I have reached a milestone with the Rune Quest shield project.

A fortitious download allows me to save word docs as PDF's. Unfortunatly this still means taht they havebeen created using words below average formatting abilities.

I must still load the weapons tables. Hopefully, and decent formatting tool willing, I will have enough space for any other random useful/useless tables that I can think of. Comment using the form below.

Poll Results

Table1 - Based on Games Workshop table/info.

Table 1 is based on the Games Workshop RQ with some tweeks by me and has not been fixed as per the official errata in the Avalon Hill perfect bound deluxe edition.
Result: 5 Votes.

Table2 - Basesd on AH Deluxe table.

Table 2 is a direct copy from Avalon Hill RQ Deluxe edition, adjusted to fit with errata.
Result: 7 Votes.

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PDF Shield Project

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