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White Eye

Top level Creatures Natives of Ge GA

They are called White Eye from the very light colour of their irises and most adventurers will run like hell when faced with even one.

White Eye Bianoc Sapiens

The White Eye is for all intents and purposes a barbarian elf. They typically stand at least 6ft tall, have pale blond hair and an eye colour so light it is considered by many to be pure white, creating the image of no iris or pupil.

They hail from the northern regions of Ga, sharing their domain with the likes of the Northice Mountain Great Orc, various human barbarian and primitive tribes and polar bears.

Their society and culture is strongly battle oriented, their sense of humour non-existent and they strongly believe that
mercy is for the weak. Truly, it is a great honour to be slain by one so great.

Like human barbarians, they generally shun civilisation, making the sighting of a White Eye in a city or town a very rare occurrence.

It is unclear whether they are at all related to elves and they refuse to talk on the subject. Pressing a White Eye for his racial origins will soon have one regretting such curiosity.

Yet the White Eye and Elf have some very similar traits. Their females are thin and well muscled, indeed it is hard to differentiate between female and male. They are also able to move in absolute silence and have extremely keen senses. Differences are also noticeable - White Eyes are pale of skin, having no green tint and stand taller than the average human. From a distance, they appear to be albino in their paleness, yet up close, the faintest trace of pigmentation can be seen.

This solitary race has few friends and many enemies. They will war upon Elves and Goblins (their own distant relatives?) as readily as on human or orc. Befriending a white Eye is extremely rare and there are no tales of anyone gaining their trust.

White Eye

Characteristics Average
STR 3D6 10-11 4
CON 3D6 10-11 12
SIZ 12+1D6 14 20
INT 2D6+6 13
POW 3D6 10-11
DEX 3D6+2 12-13
APP 12+1D6 14

Hit Location Melee (D20) Missile (D20) Points
R Leg 01-04 01-03 0/4
L Leg 05-08 04-06 0/4
Abdomen 09-11 07-10 0/4
Chest 12 11-15 0/4
R Arm 13-15 16-17 0/4
L Arm 16-18 18-19 0/4
head 19-20 20 0/4

Weapon SR Attack % Damage PARR % Points
Stone Bow 1/MR 25+11 1D6+2 10+5 6
War Maul 7 20+11 1D10+2 20+5 12
Kukri 8 25+11 1D4+3 20+5 8
Target 8 05+11 1D6 20+5 12

Skills: Agility +5; Climb 50; Dodge 25; Jump 45; Communication +10; Knowledge +8; White Eye Lore 15; Mineral Lore 20; Manipulation +10; Conceal +10: Listen 40; Track 30; Stealth +6; Hide 18; Sneak 30.

Armour: White Eyes may wear may armour, but tend to stick with leather based armour, usually cuirbouilli.

Magic: Only spirit magic is allowed and only battle spells.

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