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Shoggy Beast

Top level Creatures Creatures from Earth

Adapted from a 2000AD SlainÚ story with the same name. See Rules for more information on Shogginess.

Shoggy Beast (Bestialis slÓine)
The shoggy beast is derived from a SlÓine story in a comic called 2000AD. It is a large, humanoid shaped hairy beast with the head of a warthog and a rapacious hunger for flesh.

Many people confuse shogginess with lycanthropy due to the nature in which a normal person can change into a raging beast. In fact, shogginess the result of a shoggy spirit overcoming that of a mortal. The most common cases of shogginess usually come forth in humans, due to their relatively weak will, although other humanoid creatures have been known to be affected.

During the day a person affected by shogginess shall be in their normal form and have their own mind. Most will not even have a recollection of what they do in their shoggy form at night. They revert to the shoggy beast when the sun sets as a rule, although, if the shoggy spirit is greatly weakened, it may not choose to do so.

Shoggy Beast

Characteristics Average
STR 3D6 + 8 20-22 Move 5
CON 1D6 + 12 15-16 Hit Points 17
SIZ 2D6 + 6 13 Fatigue 30
INT 2D6 7
POW 3D6 + 6 22-23
DEX 3D6 10-11
APP 1D6 + 2 3-4

Hit Location Melee (D20) Missile (D20) Points
R Leg 01-04 01-03 1/5
L Leg 05-08 04-06 1/5
Abdomen 09-11 07-10 1/7
Chest 12 11-15 1/7
R Arm 13-15 16-17 1/4
L Arm 16-18 18-19 1/4
Head 19-20 20 1/5

Weapon SR Attack % Damage
Claw 5 40 + 5 1D8 + 2
Bite 8(3) 35 + 10 1D6 + 1D4(1D8 + 1D6)

Notes: The shoggy beast can claw and bite in the same round. If however it has a successful claw, it may try to grapple its victim. To break free, the victim must overcome the beasts STR with his own STR. If the victim cannot break free, the beast gets an automatic bite the following round, see figures in brackets. The beast will die like any normal animal. (See shoggy notes for more details about the nature of shogginess). The statistics above are for a human host. As a general rule of thumb, the beasts STR should be ▒ 10 points greater than the average for its host.
Skills: Sneak 30-3, Scan 50-1, Search 40-5, Track 50-1
Armour: 1 point fur.


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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

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