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But in creating the titans, the elder gods had not solved the problem, merely altered its nature. Arrogant after their victory, the titans believed themselves to be the equals of their creators. Pursuing this belief, many sought to prove themselves better than their masters. Unable to create life in itself, they refined existing species of animals leading to diverse offshoots from the original base species which the elder gods had created. Going one step further, the cleverest titans attempted to forge certain animals in their own images, forcing their bones into titan like postures and gifting them with intellect. Yet the people they formed retained many aspects of their original form. Thus were born the races of lizard men, orcs, crocodile men and many others.

Some titans had no interest in reworking the creations of the elder gods. Many spent their time in mock battles or searching out and slaying the monstrous legacies of the evil gods. A few even dwelt with the elder gods, many of whom were lonely after the exile of so many of their siblings, welcoming titans company. As time went by they mated and begot offspring - the younger gods.

Yet the titans were still not content, tiring of whatever had previously attracted their attention. They yearned for battle, the very purpose of their existence, and for power equal to the elder gods. Beholding the dragons and their powerful jewels, they became jealous, desiring the jewel's power for their own purposes. It was not long before they attempted to take the jewels from the dragons.


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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
( 18.12.2013 13:32 )

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