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Campaign Journal - XXIX April MMII

Top level Ga Campaign Notes

Notes from Willo's campaign.

We got together for another session last Saturday. Bonus was a new player (Welcome Natalie) joined us. Due to the relatively high mortality rate of characters in this campaign, I took the opportunity to start with two new characters, Urgad the orc and Gorim the barbarian. They have traveled together for some time on the orcs chariot (which he stole when he escaped from the circus where he served as a gladiator and charioteer). Natalie rolled up a trollkin, which was interesting as no one has ever played one of them before. Introductory sessions can be a bit time consuming if you play them properly and this session was no exception. All our characters met each other and what was nice was the players of the two recently deceased characters (Graham and myself) were able to advise/dictate to Adri (Valentia) and Carol (Fagan Abrash) exactly how the corpses of Dantowax and Logar of the light foot should be disposed of.

We had a lot of fun. Fagan and Valentia almost got into a battle when they exited the cave in which they had been delving only to find Urgad and Gorim, recently arrived on the scene, apparently making free with their wagon and horses. after a bit of burying and meeting the mushroom sniffing trollkin, we set off only to run across Defy (Grahams new character) hiding form us (none too well) behind a tree. Being lost in the forest as he was, he decided to tag along.


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Gygax Magazine Issue 3 Out
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