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Welcome to Rune Quest ZA (.orc).

What is new on RuneQuest ZA.(orc)?

Well simply put, not much.

The key here is that this site is still effectively a fan site and theoretically a portal for RuneQuest information etc. Practically while the site is still active, update progress has been very slow.

Moving forward the focus of this site will still be that of RuneQuest, but also - as anyone who has been visiting over the years would have seen - there is a growing interest in short fiction, and of course, my favorite creatures, Orcs! To this end please navigate to the Orc Blog link I have created.

Time and effort is also being spent on detailing our campaign world of Gaea. This mostly comes from play and we will also try to update you, the punters, of what is happening there more regularly in the future.

So please sit back, understand that though progress is slow we are still around, enjoy and by all means, send feedback!

I know this is someone elses IP but its just too cool not to share.