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My friend and fellow roleplayers site.
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Demon Lord
The blog of TC Southwell, author of Demon Lord.
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eZ publish Content Management System
GPL CMS and E-commerce package. eZ Publish was used to create this site.
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Fred Gassit
Link to Fred Gassits Bikerama. Lots of Fred Gassit cartoons. You have to ride a bike or at least be an australian to understand most. Update as at XiV April MMIX - Looks like Fred Gassit Bikerama has desceased. I found a Fred Gassit Memorial page which I have routed this link to.
Fred Gassit  
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Link to the Godchecker site. Lists many many many gods of various cultures. Very useful, i personally refer to it when allocating names to IT projects I get involved in.
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Gutter Rats MCC
The bike club I ride for. Apologies to anyone visiting the site, I have not had the time (read been lazy) to update this siite in ages.
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Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness
A site with information about the world of cult author Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness. One of the most original fantasy settings. A must visit if you want to know what a Lopsloss is, what the 8 orders of magic are or why Hor Har Milrug Murgh the Melski said "Ptosh and the cat said meow"
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Hugh Cooks Page
The home page of the author of Cronicles of an Age of Darkness. A very different from the norm fantasy series written in the 1980's.
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A local (Pretoria South Africa) Mideaval reinactment group. Found out about them via an article in the newspaper.
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Fantasy cartoon. Mature content. If you are easily offended or are a minor, don't go here. Otherwise if you are an adult and have a sence of humour, have a look.
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P'kaboo Publishing
South African publsiher of Fantasy and Sci-Fi.
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A publishing resource.
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Roman Emperor
Link to The Roman Emperors page. Pictures, writeup of latest activaties and career history. You can even e-mail him!
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Site of Shaun Michael Jooste's Celenic Earth book series.
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Temple of Terminus
Home of Torquemada from 2000AD.
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The Story of Burnt Njal
Translated from the old Viking saga. Quite a good read.
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This is the end!
Best Page on the web!
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Travel from Cape To Cairo in a luxury train
Imagine a steam train, a vintage aeroplane and a Nile cruiser, and Rovos Rail & Air will take you on an adventure through the heart of Africa. From Cape to Cairo, via the Victoria Falls, wild life safaris, and the great pyramides. Travelling Africa has never been so luxorious.
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Underculture (Was Grizz)
XVII April MMIX - This site was RQ related and still mentions it, but its focus now is more on art etc - still worth a visit! Another South African Rune Quest site. In addition to the RQ material, there is a gallery with some some great art as well as some other funny bits and pieces. Well worth the visit!
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