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Alternate Earth
This is the home site of athe Alternate Earth RQ group. It arose through discussion of the lack of decent Alternate Earth suppliments and over time some people have contributed articles. The site also contains a number of decent links for references etc.
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Andrew's Rune Quest Stuff
Interesting Rune Quest site. Some nice concepts and ideas.
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Basic Role Playing System
Everything you've always wanted to know about the Basic Role Playing System...
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BRP Central
Site dedicated to BRP from Chaosium, technically not RuneQuest but so close to RQIII it is listed under RuneQuest links.
(Hits: 1494) (was The Greenback Clan)
XVII April MMIX - Appears to have mutated into but still has plenty RQ and Glorantha links. An excellent resource for scenarios and RuneQuest related links.
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Home of Griselda, the famed adventurer from Pavis. If you havent laid hands on The complete Griselda, do so, loveley stories.
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Otherworld Creations
Publishers of the Diomin rescources for RuneQuest
Otherworld Creations  
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Pete's Rune Quest
A great site with lots of RQ information and adventures. Make sure you take a look at the chaos project, it contains lots of really nice stuff.
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Rune Quest Rules list
Subscribe to the RQ rules list. Available in straight or digest form, interesting and informative. This is the new home of RQ Rules List.
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Sceaptune Games RPG
Publishers of RuneQuest material under Mongoose Publishing's OGL.
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The Design Mechanism
The new home of RuneQuest. Officially the 6th Edition.
RQ 6th Ed  
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The Rune Quest Spell Database
Anothr note: Leon runs this database of a personal server, which may use nonstandard ports. As such some people have experienced issues getting to it via their works firewalls etc - all I can say is persevere. Note: This link has been updated as at XXVIII MMIII This is a Rune Quest Spell Database that was put together by Leon Kirshtein. Please contact me ( should you note any mistakes, omissions or have any ideas for new spells and I will forward your mail to Leon.
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Technically a Glorantha link. These are the people who publish the wonderful fiction of Penelope Love.
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Ultimate RuneQuest Gamemasters
A site dedicated to immortalising Rune Quest. Link updated as at XVII April MMIX
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Ultimate RuneQuest Resources
Another RQ Resourse site, not to be confused with Ultimate RunqQuest Games Masters. VII December MMX - Updated link, thanks to Ultimate RQ resources for notifying update.
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