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Ancient history reference community. Great role playing resource
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A shareware mapping application. The maps on this site have been create using Autorealm.
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Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions - SFWA
Questions to help the fantasy writer create a believable imaginary setting. Link seems to go to SFWA home page these days, its possible that the article has moved or been archived.
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Fighting Fantasy
Official site of the old Fighting Fantasy gamebooks many of us played in the 1980's.
Fighting Fantasy  
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Flying Buffalo Inc.
Moved this link back to RPG links. At one stage appeared to no longer be working, but looks fine now. Flying Buffalo produces some nice aftermarket gear for Role Palying. The Citybooks and Grimtooths Traps collections are quite useful.
Flying Buffalo Inc.  
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Gygax Magazine
The home to the new Gygax Magazine. Like an old school Dragon Magazine. May contain RuneQuest articles soon.
Gygax Magazine  
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Kenzer & Company
The home page of Kenzer & Compant, the guys who publish Knights of The Dinner Table. They also publish other comics and the Hackmaster game. A KODT strip is available daily on the site.
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Powers and Perils
I always knew RuneQuest as an Avalon Hill game. Powers and Perils was their other major FRPG. This site appears to comprehensively cover the game.
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Proteus Magazine
In the 1980s, during the adventure game book boom, this magazine experienced a brief life. This site has scanned PDF's of the magazines. I remember plaing some of them, they were quite entertaining.
Proteus Magazine  
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Role Playing tips Weekly
A weekly E Zine which often contains some pretty useful tips. The host also organises regular giveaways.
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Roleplpaying portal for South African Gamers. Where you can buy source metrial, find new group members, get downloads, and get help via the forum's. Link appeared to be dead as at XVII April MMIX - I did a Google SA search and seemed to pick up RPG.co.za, hope its the same place?
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Tales From The Floating Vagabond
Avalon Hills Sci Fi Opera/Comedy RPG. I have never played it, but always wanted to. This site appears to cover the game nicely and is worth a read even if you have no interest in the game.
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The SF Site
This site has links to lots of Games Shops and Role Playing Magazines. Some of the shops linked to still carry Rune Quest gear.
The SF Site  
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The Stuff of Legends
An archive of almost all the minatures ever made. Very interesting and informative.
Stuff of Legends  
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The Viking Forge
The Viking Forge makes miniatures. Mostly remakes of the old Asguard Miniatures series. I have peronally bought some and love them. The Land Dragon (see creatures) was based on a Viking Forge miniature.
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Thieves World
A site dedicated to Sanctuary - the Thieves World anthologies that spun off some interesting gaming material. The original Thieves World RPG product was RuneQuest compatible.
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Troll And Toad
Over 100,000 Items to choose from in one site, from D&D, MTG, Yu Gi Oh, Board Games Plush Toys and tons upon tons more! Retailer since 1991 and a member of the BBB offering worldwide shipping at fair prices.
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Wizard Wars Online RPG Game
Wizard Wars is an Online RPG Strategy Game. The Wizard Wars Online Game is played in your browser. Take the role of a wizard, join a guild, use strategy to roleplay yourself in the game to the top.
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