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365 Tomorrows
Online source of Sci Fi and Fantasy stories.
365 Tomorrows  
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Andromeda Spaceways In Flight Magazine
I love this magazine. Am gradually catching up on what back issues are available. Thankfully their international postage rates are okay (unlike Aurealis). Plan to take out a 24 month subscription soon. Buy it, you wont regret it.
Andromeda Spaceways In Fligh Magazine  
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Top Australian Fantasy Magazine. I have worked my way through a number of back issues and Aurealis is really worth looking at. A small issue is their exorbitant postage rates for international buyers, but if you can lay hands on a copy, it will be worth the trouble. On the flip side, they appear to have gone fully digital. So if you are okay with that format the cost is by comparison pretty reasonable.
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Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Online magazine that specialises in alternate world fantasy fiction.
Beneath Ceasless Skies  
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Black Gate
Black Gate - Adventures in Modern Fantasy. The magazine blog is well worth following. Story wise they appear to be closed to submissions (indefinitly?) but are publishing the odd story online. Sadly print copies of magazine are on a hiatus, I personally hope they will publish some more.
Black Gate  
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Blood, Blade and Thruster
A magazine focussing on adding a bit of humour to the regular Fantasy and Sci Fi mix. December MMXII The link appears to have gone awry but some searching produced a link to what I hope is the same magazine.
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Challenging Destiny
A small press Canadian Sci Fi and Fantasy magazine. Worth a look for Hugh Cook fans.
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Clarkesworld Magazine
An online magazine that publishes fantasy fiction.
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Dark Animus
An Australian pulp magazine.
Dark Animus  
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Electric Velocipede
Small press short story magazine. Still going strong as at end MMXIII.
Electric Velocipede  
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Ethereal Tales
A relativley new small press zine. Small quantities of back issues were available at posting of this link. Update - June MMIX - Sadly this magazine has closed down, back issues are still available at the Cute n Creepy Online Shop site. This link will take you there as the Ethereal Tales site appears to have dissapeared.
Ethereal Tales  
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Fantasy Magazine / Lightspeed
Apparently Fantasy Magazine has merged with Lightspeed Magzine
Fantasy Magazine  
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Fantsay Short stories
A branch new site i came across while doing a web search.
Fantasy Short Stories  
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Flashing Swords / Janrae Frank
This magazine has apparently ceased to exist. Word has it that it was sold to Cyberwizard Productions and later on to Janrae Frank. Oddly enough I recently lauded one of Janrae Franks stories in my article on Dragontales Magazine. - proving how small the fanatsy magazie world is by appearances. This link will take you to Janrae Frank's site - which also appears to be undergoing a revamp as at December MMXII
Flashing Swords  
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I love this magazines name. Unfortunatly it looks like the magazine has stopped publishing but the site is still up for reference and back issues.
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Heliotrope Magazine
A speculative fiction e-zine.
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Heroic Fantasy Quarterly
Quarterly e-zine specialising in heroic fantasy.
Heroic Fantasy  
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Probe Magazine - Science Fiction Society of South Africa
South African Science Fiction Society who are the owners/publishers of Probe magazine. Site seems to have undergone a bt of a revamp, looks more modern and professional now.
SFSA Probe  
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Rainfall Books (Weird Worlds)
Publisher of fantasy chapbooks. Only discovered them via an eBay Uk search for Weird Tales, which resulted in me finding a chapbook called Weird Worlds. I purchased some of their chapboks and enjoyed them enough to go back and buy more. A tad on the thin side, but thats the nature of the product. Really enjoyed the Clark Ashton Smith inspired Perls and Pyramids by Simon Whitechappel. Check out Steve Lines' gallery for some rocking artwork while you are there.
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Realms of Fantasy
Realms of Fantasy Magazine. The magazine was a premier glossy which changed hands a few times. Alas the magazine is no more, but their site is still up and back issues still available.
Realms Of Fantasy  
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REH Two Gun Raconteur
Longstanding journal of Robert E Howard fandom.
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Shimmer Magazine
A newcomer speculative fiction magazine.
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Silver Blade
I came across this while doing a web search for Fantasy Short story Magazines. Looks exciting. At the very least the list of Cliches is worth a read.
Silver Blade  
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Something Wicked - Quarterly Horror and Science Fiction
A Quarterly South African magazine featuring horror, sci-fi and all things supernatural. Most of the content is provided by local Artists and writers. In the great tradition of Cemetery Dance, and Creepshow. Magazine has been an eZine for a while now, but has rcently started an annual print anthology. XXII May MMXI - Something Wicked is back! They have moved to a digital format and one can now download thier wicked stories for consumption on kindle, ipod etc.
Something Wicked  
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Strange Horizons
Weekly on line magazine of speculative fiction.
Sytrange Horizons  
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Subterranean Magazine
An e-magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Has pubslished some famous authors.
Subterranean Magazine  
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Swords & Sorcery Magazine
Relatively new webzine specialising in Sword and Sorcery.
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Sybil's Garage
I came across this magazine at Clarkesworld Books, looked up the website. Have not yet had a chance to read an issue but it looks interesting.
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Tales of The Talisman
Small press magazine, once knows as Hadrosaur Tales Magazine. I have purchased a few back issues and enjoyed them.
Tales Of The Talisman  
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Tangent Online
Online review magazine of other fantasy magazines
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The Absent Willow Review
On line fiction resource.
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Wildside Press
Home of Adventure Tales, Wierd Tales, Strange Tales etc
Wildside Press  
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Zahir Unforgettable Tales
Sadly Zahir is another excellent publication that has ceased to exist. The site is still up and the archive still available. I believe some antholdogies are still available for purchase at various online retailers. Back issues appear to have sold out, or at least are no linger available.
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