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Aar me hearties
Link appears to have deceased. Pity. Find out what your pirate name is. A friend sent me this link. Way worth the effort to visit this site. Avast ye lubbers, Bloody Morty Kidd takes nar prisoners! Reminds me of the fun that can be had playing the old Avalon Hill Blackbeard board game.
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Adventures of Sword & Sorcery
Magazine specialising in the Sword & Sorcery genre. Update XVI April MMIX - Link appears to be dead, likley because the Magazine apparently died. If anyone has more information on this please let me know. postmaster@runequest.za.org
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Clarkesworld Books
Update IX January MMXI - Site looks like it has closed down its magazie order business for good. Pity, they had a few items I still wanted........................................................... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A resourse selling a large range of Fantasy and Sci Fi Magazines. Looking for a hard to find or OOP magazine, there is a chance it may be here. Be quick to get there as they may not be around for very long.
Clarkesworld Books  
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Discount Hobby
Not sure what's happened here, the site is there but not what it used to be, it could be that the site is called MagaMinis now..... I will investigate and update if possible. Tony XVII April MMIX An excellent source of well priced miniatures. They have a huge range and their service is impeccable - Members of RuneQuest.za.org have ordered from them before.
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Helix Magazine
An online magazine. The site details how and why the magazine went defunct, as well as still containing stories from its brighter past.
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K-Soft Software Design
XVII April MMIX - Site is still gone, alas can't find any mention of the siite or Kevin Spencer. I still have the tool though if anyone needs it, don't know what many of the lazier people (myself included) would do withouth this gem. XIII February MMVIII - Note - This link is no longer working. If anyone knows if/where this site can be found, please drop me a line! A link to Kevin Spencer's site, home of the best (in RuneQuest.za.orc's opinion) RQ3 character generator on the web. Go there and check out the generator, you will not be disappointed.
K-Soft Software Design  
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A relatively new Canadian magazine. Appears to have dissapeared.
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Paradox Magazine
A magazine of Speculative and Historical fiction. MMVIII July MMIX - This magazine has alledgedly stopped publishing (according to Black Gate Magazine Forum), so best head off there or too Clarkesworldbooks to get a copy before its too late. Site no longer works as at December MMXII
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XVII April MMIX - Not much going on here, site moved to the obsolets sites list. Rune Quest the only place to be, this site is for any one who wants to try and keep this system going, I plan to upload many file which will be of use to every one out there, and to hold online games, every month. Please note I have used a few graphics, from other sites, but this is only to get it online faster, Soon I will inport my own. -=VanGuard=-
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Realm of the Vampires
Another possibly deceased site. Don't really care to go look for it. An Anne Rice-based role-playing site.
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Ruined Quest
XVII Aril MMIX - Another deceased site, can't be bothered to see if the wingers have moved it anywhere else. An article on why Rune Quest is no longer commercially available. Some finger pointing is done and some opinions are NOT those of RuneQuest.za.org. Nevertheless, this site is worth visiting. It also provides a path to Tales of The Reaching Moon, a decent enough Glorantha/RQ Magazine.
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Runequest Home
XVII April MMIX - Site seems to be "there" but merely a list of links to geek rpg dating type sites.... A website dedicated to keeping the world of Runequest and Glorantha alive.
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Sword & Sorcery - your resource for fiction, interviews, articles, information and more
Sword & Sorcery brings you fiction, articles, interviews and more, all related to the sword and sorcery genre of fantasy fiction. This site may stil have some value but generally it apears to be as dead as Pitch Black Books. A real shame.
Sword & Sorcery  
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The Blue Sable Altar
XVII April MMIX - Noooooo, this is a site that must not be lost, if anyone out there knows its URL, please advise me an postmaster@runequest.za.org. Worse case scenario, I believe there are tools out there to retrieve data from old dissapeared sites, lets not loose this. An excellent Rune Quest site from France. The site is in English. this site does contain some Glorantha information, but is still committed to Rune Quest.
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The Genre Mall
A resource stocking a wide range of Fantasy, Sci Fi and Horror Magazines. I May MMXII - looks like this link has ceased to exist.
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The Rune Quest Source
XIII February MMVIII - Note - This link is no longer working. If anyone knows if/where this site can be found, please drop me a line! An excellent RQ site with plenty adventures, optional rules and new creatures.
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The Stabbing Cat
Ancient (well April 1997 last updated) RuneQuest / Glosantha site. Still a good place to visit from time to time.
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