List of Polls

Poll: Description:
Adult Content Poll No, not smut. What I would like to know is whether risque subjects, such as elf reproduction (from a scientific viewpoint) or displaying banners aimed at mature gamers, would be welcome, or not.
RQ Version Poll With Mongoose publishing a new version of RuneQuest, this poll is to judge the interest in it and other versions with a view to defining where should focus in the future.
Storytelling Skill What kind of skill do you think the art of story telling should fall under?
Wergild Worries - What did you think of the adventure? (Read description before voting.) I created this poll to identify what I did right and where I went wrong in designing thw Wergild Worries adventure. Please take topics like presentation, flow, feel and usability into consideration when voting. Please use the comments box to elaborate.
What would yo like to see more of on Poll regarding site content.