Blend – The Magic of Camouflage

Look, its a chameleon.

1 Point
Touch, Temporal, Nonstackable, Reusable

This camouflages a person or an object by blending in with another object it is placed against. So a person blending in with a tree trunk to appear to the viewer to be part of the tree trunk.

The affected party must be touching the item it is blending with and the total SIZ points of the affected party must be less than those of the item it is blending with.

Multiple items of different appearances or textures cannot be blended with, , however one can blend with sand or pebbles on a beach or bark on a tress trunk. Blending does not make one invisible.

Where the affected party remains motionless, treat Blend as a special success Hide or Conceal roll. A successful Hide or Conceal roll in conjunction with Blend spell will be the equivalent of a critical success.

Moving will not break the spell, but will allow any person searching or looking at the affected party a better chance to see them. I.E. Moving will reduce the affects special affect of Hide or Conceal to a normal success.

Thanks to Leon Kirshtein and Stephen Posey of the RQ Rules List for their contribution to this spell.

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