Zintaer’s Bowl of Teleporation

A mysterious transportation device

History: The alchemist Zintaer Lubar developed the bowl in simpler times, before the chaos wars. It is said that Zintaer had serious difficulty walking, after an accident with a horse cart in his 8th year. He made the bowl to make travelling easier.

Description: This is a one of a kind and very precious bowl. It not only has magical properties, but it is also made out of pure gold. The bowl is decorated with carvings which may be some sort of runic instruction, but in a little known alphabet/language.

Use: The alchemist must fill the bowl with exactly the right combination of chemicals / herbs /essential oils to be teleported from one location to another. The alchemist must then place his left hand under the bowl and right hand inside the bowl. He will then be teleported to the predefined location. If the recipe is not correct, the “caster” or “user” will appear in a random location, to be determined by the GM.

During the chaos wars Zintaer, at this time a man of some years, used the bowl to flee the Orcish army of the red bitch. Unfortunately in his haste, he mixed the wrong ingredients and the bowl and so the alchemist and the bowl have been lost ever since.


  • If the “user” puts water in the bowl and then drinks the water, he will be transported to Zintaer’s underground hideout.
  • Brimstone will teleport the user directly to the centre of Gaea (as in the centre of the earth). If Brimstone is placed in the bowl, the user does not have to place his right hand inside the bowl and left hand under the bowl to activate it, it will automatically transport him the moment the brimstone is placed in the bowl.

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