Faizel’s Supply Emporium

Shorting a generic merchant for your campaign? Have your adventurers come over to Faizel’s Supply Emporium, for top quality goods at low, low prices.


The original Faizel’s was little more than a wooden shack in the poor area of Draskor. Faizel was an entrepreneur who saw the value in stocking a multitude of items which may come in hand for the average person going out in search of adventure.

Barely able to move for coils of rope, barrels of oil and sacks of dried provisions – customers would haggle to ensure they received the best value for their copper. Always looking for a bargain himself, Faizel would often take barter goods in exchange for items of his merchandise.

Unbeknownst to most punters, Faizel was way ahead of his time. His innovative idea of pre packaging hard rations in a Hessian cloth sack with his shops name printed on the side and selling them at a mild discount ensured that many a cash strapped adventurer found their way to his door.

The original Faizel’s Emporium is long gone the victim of one of the many fires that were want to sweep through the wooden buildings of lower Draskor during the reign of King Elkor.

Faizel himself moved from Draskor when his shop burned down and set up as a travelling merchant. He travelled much of Drasinia and Sylmar over the next few years until eventually settling in Valos.


Faizel’s Supply Emporium can still be located in the merchant quarter of Valos. It is run by Faizel’s son, who also goes by the name of Faizel, although that is not his real name. It is unknown if the original Faizel is still alive, if he is he will be an old man.

The shop in Valos is more respectable than the original Draskor establishment. While they still stock much in the way of adventuring gear, they have branched out and stock many other items, from pottery to pelts, wineskins to whetstones. They have also opened branches in Baras and Tau and there are rumours of a new branch opening back in Draskor. The original travelling wagon is also still in business, operated by one of Faizel’s trusted servants for his early days.


Faizel’s do still sell their famed adventurers hard rations pack in their trademark Hessian sack.

Faizel’s Supply Emporium – Rations Pack
Cost: 8 Bronze Coins

  • Roll of dried sausage (Beef and pork mix, quite fatty).
  • Small wheel of strong cheese.
  • Small wineskin containing poor quality wine.
  • Wrapped paper package of roughly milled barley.
  • Slab of salted meat (usually pork).
  • Bundle of dried herbs.
  • A few root vegetables (usually neaps)
  • The sack in itself has a number of other uses.


Faizel – Merchant
Dodge 76%, Fast Talk 83%, Speak Own 77%, Speak Other (Orc) 33%, Human Lore 56%, Orc Lore 20%, Evaluate 68%, Conceal 49%
Faizel is a friendly type person, although he does come across quite canny most times. He is well aware that the people he trades with usually tote daggers and swords about, so is by way of preservation, honest in his business dealings.

the Merchandise

Faizel’s stock all of the merchandise mentioned in the rules book as well as many other artefacts. The prices of most items are at a mild discount to the recommended price in the rulebook. The more esoteric items are up for haggling – something Faizel prides himself in.

Please feel free to contribute ideas and suggested prices for articles Faizel may have in stock by using the comments box below.

Faziel was one of the first recurring NPC’s way back when Gæa was in her infancy. The party need supplies and someone asked what the merchants name was. Someone else thought fast and coined Faziel, who went on to become a beloved recurring personage who strangely seemed to be about no matter what town the adventurers were in at the time.

Faziel’s wheeling and dealing was first put to writing on X February MMVIII

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