RuneQuest Articles in Dragon Magazine

A list of RuneQuest related articles published in Dragon Magazine.

Dragon Magazine #129

Dragon Magazine has been known to publish the occasional RuneQuest article. The table below lists the material I have found by browsing through my Dragon collection. It is by no means exhaustive as my collection is far from complete and odds are I may have missed a few items while I was compiling the list.

It is hoped that this list will appraise the keen RuneQuesters on what magazines to keep a lookout for. Please feel free to mail me if you have anything to add to this list.

40Artifacts of Dragon Pass – Thanks Stephen for advising.
75 July MCMLXXXIII70Review – RQ Companion fills the Glorantha gap.
75July MCMLXXXIII72Advertisement – Pavis.
76August MCMLXXXIII31Advertisement – Pavis.
81January MCMLXXXIV66Advertisement – Rune Quest.
82February MCMLXXXIV52-53Review – Pavis and Big Rubble.
129January MCMLXXXVIII46-47Article – Sorcery spells for RuneQuest.
144April MCMLXXXIX 45-55Article – Summoning Gods and spirits.
157May MCMXC23Advertisement – The Haunted Ruins.
160August MCMXC31Advertisement – Have you seen this newt?
161 September MCMXC35Review – Glorantha
162October MCMXC7Advertisement – Have you seen this troll?
163November MCMXC7Advertisement – Have you seen this duck?
164 December MCMXC66-68Review – Trollpack and Troll Gods.
172August MCMXCI66-68Article – Into the spirit of things.
181May MCMXCII72-74Review – Vikings
184August MCMXCII49Advertisement – Sun County.
185September MCMXCII120Advertisement – Sun County.
188December MCMXCII78Review – Sun County.
192April MCMXCIII37Advertisement – Shadows on the Borderland.
206June MCMXCIV16-20Article – The Dragon Project – Cerulean Glory
211November MCMXCIV92 Review – Strangers in Prax.

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