The Nature of Shogginess

Certain artifacts of great power can affect some people in alarming ways. In the 2000AD (comic) story about Slàine and the Shoggy Beast, a person touched one of the Drune Lords Weird Stones. As a result, his body was warped and he went “shoggy” on certain nights.

The shoggy beast can be llikened to a werewolf, but rather resembles a warthog than wolf. Shoggyness is not a disease, like lycanthropy, but a magical ailment. In Rune Quest terms, it occurs when a shoggy spirit overcomes the POW of a character. Spirit combat rules would apply.

When a character becomes shoggy, very little can be done, apart form killing the character or having a shaman defeat the shoggy spirit on the spirit plain and rescue the characters spirit.

The character will initially feel nauseous and tired in the daytime. Senses may start to feel a bit odd (enhanced). People infected by shoggyness usually take a few nights before they go fully shoggy and become a shoggy beast. In the nights prior to this, they may warp in and out of their shoggy form, grow excessive hair and teeth or become very violent.

Once in their shoggy form, they forget themselves and become the Shoggy Beast! See creatures for statistics.

The Shoggy Beast is the name of a story written by Pat Mills and illustrated by Mike McMahon, published in the British comic: 2000AD #348–351, 1983–1984

This extrapolation of The Shoggy Beast creator’s excellent work was last updated VIII August MMII


The shoggy spirit is a kind of disease spirit. Full details for disease spirits are provided in the Rune Quest Creatures Book. The shoggy spirit attacks APP. Once it has possessed its victim, the sufferer loses once current APP point per day.

POW3D6+415-16Move equal to POW

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