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Advance Hit Location Table

While RuneQuest is more realistic than many games by allowing a character to be hit in a specific area, the actual hit locations may still appear somewhat bit restrictive for the gamer in search of more specific hit areas while gaming.

To remain within the context of standard Rune Quest rules, the existing hit location table has been used. Added to the table is a sub table breaking down each hit area into four more precise locations. to use the table, roll the normal D20 for area and roll a D4 for specific location. Most characters have a damage modifier of 1D4, so possibly just use said D4 roll for both purposes (damage modifier and specific hit location).

Melee D20Missile D20LocationD4=1D4=2D4=3D4=4
01-0401-03R LegFootShinKneeThigh
05-0804-06L LegFootShinKneeThigh
13-1516-17R ArmHandForearmUpper ArmShoulder
16-1818-19R ArmHandForearmUpper Arm Shoulder


Foot = Toes to ankle.
Shin = From ankle to below knee.
Knee = Knee
Thigh = Above knee to hip joint.
Hip = Hip bone
Groin = Groin, what more can we say, Gluteus Maximus from behind.
Guts = Stomach area, lower back from behind.
Side = Side of torso, Kidney region from behind.
Breast = Sternum, upper spine from behind.
Ribs = Rib cage either side of sternum/spine.
Diaphragm = Diaphragm, the bit between the stomach and ribs.
Collar = Collar bone, scapula from behind..
Hand = Finger tips to wrist.
Forearm = Wrist to elbow.
Upper arm = Elbow to shoulder.
Shoulder = The joint between scapula and collar one and humorous.
Skull = Top of head including forehead.
Face = Cheeks, nose and jaw, back of head from behind.
Side = side of head including ears.
Neck = Top of spinal column, throat region from front.

Humanoid With A Tail Hit Locations

The creatures book makes no allowance for hit locations for humanoids with tails. Do note other resources such as the Glorantha Bestiary also cover such a body type.

reatures like Minotaurs have tails that are somewhat insignificant and thus they can be bundled under the humanoid hit location table. But what about creatures with significant tails. The Allosaur gets it more or less right, but its arms are tiny and its tail is huge.

Creatures with significant tails such as Lizard men and the likes do require a significant distinction.

Cool picture found online, artist unknown.

Humanoid With Tail

Lizard Man/Giss, Crocodile Folk, Serpent People

Hit LocationMelee (D20)Missile (D20)HP Modifier
L Leg03-0502-04.33
R Leg06-0805-07.33
R Arm13-1516-17.25
L Arm16-1818-19.25

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