Giss Lizard Folk (Saurus sapius)

Common to many worlds, Lizard Men / Folk (hereafter referred to as the Giss) are the founders of a great empire on Gæa.

Giss lizard folk are large bipedal reptiles which resemble humans in certain aspects. While their countenance from tip of snout to tail is lizard, their pelvis and shoulders are similar in certain ways to those of a human and they stand erect, on their hind legs. They have a protruding jaw, which houses a mouth lined with canine teeth, much like that of a crocodile, although shorter. Eyes are set much like that of a lizard. They have a four fingered hand (three fingers and a thumb) and a five toes foot.

The Giss are considered to be poikilothermic (cold blooded), but their physiology has developed to a stage where they are able to maintain their own body temperatures for moderate lengths of time. Thus, one may be able to survive a short snow storm and the cold weather associated with it without having to hibernate, but will most certainly not outlast a protracted cold winter.

They are ovoviviparous, but not give birth to many young. A mature female may produce up to nine infants at one time, but numbers of three to five are more common. Their gestation period is one hundred and fifty days, which means that a healthy female can produce two broods per year.

Like humans, Giss differ subtly through their genetic coding. Some have yellow eyes while others eyes may be red, green or blue. Their skin may vary from a light green, through deep green, to a muddy, brown-green. Some may have a small crest on their head and/or down their back while others may possess a pair of small, blunt vestigial horns on their head.

They are highlly intelligent creatures who are skilled in many of the crafts and lore that humans know. Although generally civilised, small numbers of primitive and barbaric tribes may be encountered. They are most prolific in warm environments, such as deserts, plains and jungle and tend to clothe themselves accordingly, favouring loose togas and loincloths.

Although they are carnivorous by nature, some Giss have been known to eat fruits and vegetables in desperate times.

The Giss may be one of the first creatures i ever defined. RQ 3rd ed never defined Lizard People, although later on once i got my hands on the Glorantha Bestiary it was evident other similar concepts ad been considered, such as the Newtling and Slarg

Giss Lizard Folk

STR2D6 + 1218Move 3
CON2D6 + 1016Hit Points 15
SIZ3D6 + 215Fatigue 30
INT2D6 + 613
Hit LocationMelee (D20)Missile (D20)Points
R Leg02-0502-042/5
L Leg06-0905-07 2/5
R Arm15-1616-171/4
L Arm17-1818-191/4
WeaponSRAttack%DamagePARR% PTS
Claw/Fist830 + 51D6 + 1D4
Bite1030 + 71D10 + 1D4
Bastard Sword625 + 151D10 + 1 + 1D4 25 + 1012
Trident325 + 152D6 + 3 +1D425 + 1010
Scutum1D630 + 1018
Whip130 + 5 1D415 *6

Notes: Giss lizard folk will use any number of weapons. The ones listed above are what some of them may choose to use. Due to their nature, they can bite, (where a human may head but).
* Entangle
Skills: Agility + 2, Communications + 7, Knowledge + 3, Manipulation + 8, Perception + 10, Listen + 3, Ride/Drive Chariot + 15, Evaluate + 5, First Aid + 5, Animal Law + 8, Jump + 2, Climb + 2, Devise 3.
Armour: 1 to 2 point scales in certain places and may wear any armour, preferring a plate cuirass with leather skirts and greaves.
Magic: LGiss disdain sorcery, but many use divine magic. Some of the primitive ones may use spirit magic.

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