Battle Blade / Battle Club

Makes a weapon look and handle as if it were of superior material and craftsmanship.

Battle Blade (Battle Club)

2 Points
Instant, stackable, reusable
War God

This spell must be cast on a melee weapon and will only last so long as the caster is holding the weapon. Battle blade will make the weapon look and behave as if it were made of an immediately superior material and quality. Thus a bronze gladius of good quality would behave as if I were an iron sword of excellent quality.

The weapons AP are adjusted to match the new quality for so long as the spell runs. AP lost only transfer to the weapons normal AP when the spells wears off if its original AP value was breached. Thus a bronze gladius with 10 normal AP which took on AP of 12 for the duration of the spell would: •Revert to 10 if 0, 1 or two AP were lost.
•Revert to 9 if 3 AP were lost, 8 if 4 AP lost etc.

Additional quality is simulated through an additional +5% to attack and parry rolls per 2 magic points spent. Superior material is simulated through an additional +1 point of damage per 2 magic points spent.

This spell was originally published XII October MMVI

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